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International Coffee Day: 4 Coffee trends to recall if you are a caffeine lover

If you are a caffeine addict, then these trends are your must-read!

Anushka Nagvanshi | New Delhi |

For many people, coffee is more than just a drink-it’s what gets them up in the morning and gives them an extra boost. Those who love coffee will find that there are countless options available, with seemingly endless new ones appearing at every corner.

How will coffee drinkers fare in 2021? Tap on for the top four trends that will charge you instantly. You can observe these at home without a mask, so there’s no need to travel anywhere.

Dalgona Coffee

Last spring, one coffee trend swept the internet by storm. Unless you were living under a rock, you must have heard about it. ‘Whipped coffee’ (also known as dalgona coffee) is a beverage made by combining instant coffee, sugar, and water into a foam that’s poured over milk. It originated in South Korea. Make it at home; it’s fancy enough for social media. The trend of making your own coffee will not go away anytime soon, especially since more people opt for home-brewed coffee than coffee shops (but still prefer something a little fancy).



Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

The mainstream favourite is cold brew, but nitro coffee is starting to gain market popularity. What is nitro coffee? Through a pressurized valve, nitrogen gas is shot through cold brew coffee and dispensed through a tap, creating the effect of pouring. A great reason why nitro coffee is so popular is its velvety texture and lower acidity, making it a great alternative to cream. It won’t be long until you find nitro in your favourite coffee shop.



Quality Decaf

When you were trying to cut down on caffeine, your options were to either forgo your beloved cup entirely or have subpar blends. Stumptown, for example, produces high-quality coffee without caffeine, but decaffeination can take away some of its potent characteristics. This is mainly because people are increasingly concerned with wellness and eating habits.



Sustainably-Grown Beans

As sustainability becomes more mainstream, coffee is no exception, and bean origin, growing methods, and roasting methods are becoming increasingly transparent. These sustainably grown coffee beans are a must-try if you are still catching up with these trending coffees.