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Home decor ideas for micro homes

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In a small home, every inch of space counts, but there are ways you can create the illusion of more space. Below are some simple and easy-to-follow home decor tips by Wooden Street through which small space can appear visually appealing and bigger.

Use light colours

Light colours can make the room appear bigger. Using a light colour makes space feel open and airy.


Give way to hidden storage

Multi-functional furniture pieces can come handy here. Consider installing sofa that turns into a bed, trunks and blanket boxes, benches and stool with storage, and foldable furniture.

Lighting is key

Natural lighting proves to be a key element in opening up space. Use sheer curtains for windows and doors to let the natural light come in.

 Use mirrors

Mirror frames create the illusion of more space. A trick here is to place the mirror frame across the window to give the space of a more open feel.

 Cut the clutter

Adding too many decorative pieces clutter space. Instead, limit the decor items to a grouping of 3 or 5. This is one of the important tips to maintain a sense of spaciousness.