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Natural ingredients in your kitchen to prevent and cure common cold and cough due to seasonal change

You can combat certain illnesses which are caused due to change in season using some easy home solutions.

Deepa Gupta | New Delhi |

Change in weather triggers throat infection, common cold and cough. It is due to the weak immunity as our bodies are in transition phase to adapt to the change in weather. Sometimes it becomes difficult for our bodies to adjust according to this seasonal change. It can give rise to certain illnesses such as common cold and cough.

Nowadays, weather is changing. Our body systems struggle to keep up with the soaring temperatures and seasonal allergies because people are more susceptible to cough, cold and other infections during this time of the year. The change in current season also brings lots of trees, grasses and weeds dishing out pollens. These are also big allergy sources. These outside changes are not in our control. However, we can incorporate few natural ingredients in our daily diet to avoid sickness and keep ourselves safe.

Here are these easy home solutions:

Black peppercorns + honey: Crush eight peppercorns. Mix it with one tablespoon of honey. Have it in the morning and before bed. This concoction contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is a natural cough suppressant.

Ginger + turmeric powder + honey: Take an inch long piece of ginger. Grate it. Take half a cup of water and boil the grated ginger in it at low flame for a minute. Turn off the flame and strain it. Mix one tablespoon of honey and one-fourth teaspoon of turmeric powder in the hot ginger water. Stir well. Dink warm morning-evening.

Raw turmeric + almonds + munnakka + tulsi + milk: Take half cup of water. Grate an inch long piece of raw turmeric in it. Simmer on low flame until water remains half in the original quantity. Strain it. Add eight tulsi leaves, six to eight whole almonds, four to six munnakkas and a cup of milk in the water-turmeric concoction. Bring to a boil on high flame. Simmer on low flame for five minutes. Add one-fourth teaspoon of black pepper powder and one teaspoon of honey in it. Mix well. Let it cool a little at room temperature. Drink slightly hot twice a day. Drinking this milk before bed every day is very effective to combat seasonal cough and cold.

Bay leaf + cinnamon stick + cloves + black peppercorns + dry ginger powder: Crush all these ingredients. Add them to two cups of water. Simmer on low flame until water remains in half of its quantity. Turn off the flame. Strain it. Drink warm twice a day.

Whole almonds + black peppercorns + desi mishri: Take six to eight whole almonds (with skin), six peppercorns and a small piece of desi mishri. Chew these ingredients empty stomach every morning to prevent common cough and cold due to seasonal change.

Garlic: Garlic contains allicin. When garlic is chewed, this compound turns into allicin which boosts immunity and keeps seasonal allergies and infections at bay. Chew two cloves of garlic every morning empty stomach and say bye to common cough and cold.

Besides these natural ingredients, get plenty of sleep, eat a well-balanced diet, drink a lot of water, exercise daily and keep yourself away from stress to be safe from common cough and cold symptoms which generally take place when season changes. Take care of your hygiene too to safeguard yourself from seasonal infections.