Mustard green is a cool-season vegetable. As the winter chill sets in, the overwhelming green veggie which is popularly prepared as a Punjabi delicacy ‘sarson ka saag’ is eaten to help stay warm. Also, the dish has a heavenly-herby flavour that is super delicious! It takes a lot of green vegetables to prepare sarson ka saag. Since mustard greens are slightly bitter on their own, the saag includes palak, methi and bathua also to balance the bitterness and make the dish a potent nutritional powerhouse. Usually, 2:1 ratio of mustard green to other greens is used, like, if 1 kg of mustard greens is used, 500 grams of other green vegetables will be included in preparing the saag dish. Enhanced with spices, garlic and ginger, it is a perfect combination of thermodynamic foods that increases body warmth.

Here are a few benefits of eating Sarson ka saag

Nutritional powerhouse: Sarson ka saag is a hearty dish having lots of phenols and flavonoids. It is loaded with dietary fibre, protein, vitamin K, manganese, calcium, vitamin B6, vitamin C and many more nutrients.

Great source of dietary fibre: Due to the presence of a high amount of fibre, people who consume sarson ka saag are less susceptible to constipation and colon cancer. It ensures adequate bowel movement in the body. As the dietary fibre cleans the arteries, this leafy green enables proper blood pressure levels and thus lower the risk of hypertension or heart disease.

Rich in vitamin A and C: These two strong antioxidants prevent oxidative stress to the body that is caused by free radicals harming the vital functions and tissues in the body.

Helps to stay clear of bad or LDL cholesterol: Sarson ka saag helps the body complete the bile binding process efficiently. It helps reduce the quantity of bad cholesterol in the body.

Detoxifies body: This green vegetable dish contains antioxidants that help in detoxifying body naturally, eliminating toxins and getting rid of them through defecation. It also helps neutralise chemicals and heavy metals in the body.

Abundance of phytochemicals: The phytonutrients – glucosinolates and phenols are in abundance in sarson ka saag. These phytonutrients protect the body from diseases and environmental distress. They strengthen the body from within.

Strengthens immunity: The vitamin C content in sarson ka saag has immunity-boosting properties which prevent the body from cell damage, strengthen it from within and prevent the onset of diseases such as cancer. It prevents seasonal and viral infections, such as cold and flu too.

Sarson ka saag is a winter staple in Northern parts of India. It is served with makki ki roti, a dollop of white butter and jaggery on the side. During this season of the year, the market is full of this leafy green. Since this leafy green is in abundance during winter season, use it to make absolutely delicious ‘Sarson ka Saag’. The fresh flavour of the greens should shine through, so spice it less and enjoy the real taste and health.