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Feeling sick amidst coronavirus outbreak! Here are tips to isolate and quarantine yourself

Here are a few measures that one can take and quarantine at home to escape the virus from spreading further.

SNS | New Delhi |

Everyone is aware of the deadly coronavirus that has taken the entire planet under its effect. After affecting in China, Italy, Iran and US, the virus is now increasing in India at a very rapid pace. As of now, India has confirmed over 126 cases with three fatalities. Seeing the effect, people have started taking precautionary measures to prevent it from spreading further. In view of the same, various state governments have taken preventive measures. They have ordered to shut down schools, colleges, malls, restaurants and all other public places to stop this virus from spreading.

There can be a number of reasons, one can come in contact with the infected person and fall ill. It’s high time to take important measures as soon as you discover any COVID-19 symptoms.

Anyone who has a cough, cold or any signs of this disease may be at high risk and should take essential steps to reduce the risk of infecting the people around them and quarantine themselves.

Here are a few measures that one can take and quarantine at home to escape the virus from spreading further.

One needs to get separated from his family members and pets as soon as they discover any symptoms. Try to stay away from your family in a separate room and use separate washroom and other necessary things.

Always remember to keep your towel, bedding and clothes separately. Do not mix them with others while washing and disinfect them properly.

Don’t forget to wear a face mask every time you step out of the room to visit a doctor or travel or any place where you may share space with any other person. Try to wear it even when you’re around your family and friends to prevent them from being at risk.

Try to use N-95 respirator quality or at least 3 layer protection mask. Be careful and maintain proper hygiene. Cover your mouth and nose while sneezing. Use a tissue to wipe your mouth and nose instead of handkerchief, throw the tissue into the dustbin immediately after using it.

Try to limit your movement inside the house so as to avoid touching any household items.

As the virus easily spread through contact so it is essential to wash your hands every now and then with a good handwash for at least 30 seconds. As per the health experts, people should purchase a hand sanitizer which has at least 60 percent alcohol content in order to eradicate germs.