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Threety irani and Nilufer babaycon |

Q. I am trying to lose weight – about eight kg -but I am finding it difficult although I am eating less and having a low fat diet. Can you please tell me where I am going wrong?
S.K. Basu Jamshedpur

What happens is this – when fat is taken out of food products to make them low fat, they lose a lot of their taste as fat gives flavour. As a result manufacturers add another product to make it taste good and this is usually adding more sugar or salt. Low fat foods never taste as good and do not satisfy our taste buds and as a result you will want to eat something else.

Q. I am in my late sixties and am getting stressed out because I am starting to show signs of ageing. Please inform me what I can do on a daily basis to slow this down. I am desperate. So please reply fast.
Shinjini, Mumbai

There are certain changes you have to make in your lifestyle that will help to some extent. A correct lifestyle is important so start by making changes in your diet. Have soya proteins, green leafy vegetables, fresh and dry fruits. Make sure you get six to seven hours of sleep every night .Yoga and aerobic exercises will certainly help by increasing skin circulation and also the body’s immunity system.

Q. I am 42 years old lady and now my nails are getting softer and breaking easily. What to do about this problem?
Shanta Singh, Kolkata

It would be due to lack of calcium .So do increase the amount of this mineral in your diet – have more milk and milk products. Also give your nails an oil massage at night. Soak your nails in any pure oil that has been warmed – for about 10 minutes. Then with a piece of cotton wool dap away the excess oil around the ages of the nail. Leave on all night. Applying a nail hardner regularly on the nails will help prevent them from breaking easily.