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Myprotein’s high protein chocolate coconut bar tastes great and fuels with energy

Also, during evening or mid-morning when we crave for snacks or we need some energy, we need something nutritious and filling.

SNS | New Delhi |

In our pursuit to attain a fit regime, we lack the understanding that the food that we consume decides whether our hours at the gym are fruitful or going in vain. Food is medicine and we need to understand it soon.

By that, I have learned that we need to consume wholesome, nutrient-rich foods for ensuring uninterrupted well-being.

In spite of following a calorie-conscious diet, I had learned that we can remain deficient in certain nutrients from the daily food that we eat.

Also, during the evening or mid-morning when we crave snacks or we need some energy, we need something nutritious and filling.

In such cases, we supplement our bodies through biscuits, namkeens, or the junk packaged stuff available in the market which is totally unhealthy for the body.

Then I realized that there are protein bars available in the market that claims to fuel your body with energy, nourish your muscles post-training and exercise. I hence thought of diving deeper to know how to use supplements consciously, especially protein bars.

While I was vigorously searching for answers to my questions, I received a package from Myprotein that contained four protein bars.

Swaddled in the box were four chocolate coconut-flavored High Protein Bar. I tried it and found it quite energetic. While in between working hours or one can have those as the mid-morning snack.

Though it’s a bit heavy on the stomach, you can skip your meal too and replace it with these protein bars.

Also, it helps in keeping sweet cravings at bay for the entire day.