Holi drinks and delicacies you must savour

The festival of colours, Holi is all about unlimited joy and merry making. It is the most vibrant time for…

Holi drinks and delicacies you must savour

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The festival of colours, Holi is all about unlimited joy and merry making. It is the most vibrant time for Indians to have fun with family and friends. Celebrated across the country with the splashing of colours, music, dance and feasts, the festival provides a glimpse of a lively India.

Holi signifies the triumph of good over evil. The effigy of Holika demoness is burnt a day before. The very next day is celebrated with extreme pomp and show. Drenched in colourful water, people greet each-other splashing gulal. Over time, the festival became the heart-winner of food lovers. It gives an opportunity to cook and serve traditional dishes that have the essence of the vibrant festival. The festival marks the end of winter and beginning of summer.

If you are planning to enjoy Holi by way of food, these items should be on your menu-


Holi Drinks

Bhang thandai – It is the highlight of the Holi festival. The desi cocktail made with cannabis, aromatic Indian spices and herbs is a must-to-have drink for all those playing Holi to enjoy the festival in a traditional way.

Black carrot kanji – This kaanji is truly the perfect bright drink for Holi that matches well with the festival of colours. The probiotic fermented drink comes close second to the bhang thandai comprising of mustard seeds powder along with salt and red chilli powder dissolved in water.

Kanji vada – It is a delicious and refreshing drink made and served during Holi. It is a good beverage for digestive system, especially when you eat a lot of fried food and sweets that can disturb your system.

Holi snacks

Bhang pakodasBhang pakoda is the most popular snack during Holi festivities. No other snack can substitute it as a festive spirit booster. You may surprise your guests with this crispy delight served with tangy mint chutney.

Gol-Gappas – The festival demands for a fiery snack and nothing can beat Gol-Gappas to serve the purpose. To fill them more with the essence of the festival, you can make bhang induced mint water. It will give a kick to the festive merriment.

Dahi-Bhalla – This snack is always welcome on Holi. It is multi-purpose and can be served as a starter or with the main course. They can be made a day before and served on the day of Holi.

Aaloo chaat – Different flavours include hot and spicy aaloo chaat seasoned with Indian spices. While playing with colours, one needs to satisfy the taste buds with scrumptious food. It is delicious and easy to make.

Holi sweets

Gujiya – The sweet pastries made with refined flour and stuffed with sweetened khoya, coconut and dry fruits is the most popular Holi festive favourite. In Northern India, it is said to be a mandatory offering to the God on this day. It is more like a ritual to serve or exchange gujiyas to greet people on the festival.

Maal pua – It is a traditional Holi sweet of Bihar and Jharkhand that has become popular in other states of India with the passage of time. The scrumptious dessert goes awesome with chatpata holi snacks and bhang thandai.

Badaam kesar kulfi – Sweet aroma of kulfi fills the air with grand masti. Its unique ingredients taste well with spicy hot snacks and colours all around.

Add theses tastes to your celebration. However, becareful. Don’t drive after consuming them.

Be sensible, be safe. HAVE A HAPPY HOLI!