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Food Review: Imperfecto Patio offers world cuisine paired with Indian ethos for Gurugram

Imperfecto Patio is going to be the most happening place to unwind with foot-tapping music, scrumptious world cuisine menu, and great beverage offerings for the city people.

Shalini Pathak | New Delhi |


Gurugram is not just the land of powerful and influential businesses or sprawling skyscrapers but truly a hub for start-ups, shopping malls, cafes, urbanized lifestyle with countless clubs and nightlife—in a nutshell, everything that Millennials desire.

Let your senses feast on easy, mouth-watering recipes, sumptuous dining experiences, and dreamy destinations right here at Imperfecto patio. 

Founded on 6 December, 2019, Imperfecto patio is one such restaurant in Gurugram that has truly a sense of giving pleasure to your taste buds with its Indian, Continental- fun and fusion haute cuisine. 

Imperfecto’s mouth-watering dishes absolutely give you a sense of gastronomy. Its recipes are so distinctive to grab it in just one go, be it its signature dish- the butter chicken or Dal makhni. 

Well, let’s not jump the gun. Starting from its appetizer and here is the wishlist of non-vegetarians. So if you are a die-hard Chicken fan, then come closer to pounce on it. Chicken Teriyaki–a pan-fried chicken tossed in Teriyaki sauce with lavash bread and side salads makes you more foodie if you are not. Chewy chicken has completely done justice to its name, not so very talk of the town but you can feel the essence of teriyaki sauce throughout the entire episodes of it.

Getting curious! Pay attention to some more, now it’s time for vegetarian. As we all know, the mushroom is the new non-veg  for all the pure vegetarians so Imperfecto tried some new experiment for all the mushroom lovers. It’s named Fungi Porchini Mushroom Croquettes–its completely a Spanish style Imperfecto’s signature dish, Fried oval shape small balls from outside look so tempting, stuffed with all the creamy ingredients and mashed mushroom, is something that makes its presence felt. And, if you have not had it ever, you can better try it out. But if you forget to try then don’t regret it.

Gourmet, there are many more special items in the house of Imperfecto, so don’t fill your appetite with the chewy, crispy, lightweight appetizer. 

Take a sip of a pink lady and free up space for the main course. Thinking what’s Pink lady, then you need to wait because pink lady has its special designation in the Mocktail section. An amalgamation of fruit juice like fresh orange, mint, added to grenadine syrup and cranberry juice with some soda on the top of it ,makes it more refreshing. Garnished with some lemon slice puts it in your favourites’ list. Its soothing taste will satisfy your juicy craving in every sip of it. 

Done with the pink lady! Then you can have your lunch with heavy palatable Imperfecto’s flavoursome main course, Starting from its Chicken Stroganoff with garlic rice– a very thick gravy of all the masalas, it maintains simple, light and creamy layer with boneless chicken, giving your taste buds the chewy flavour. Served with simple plain garlic rice, complements it completely.

Then comes Imperfecto’s signature delicious butter chicken, as authentic as you get in Punjabi home, butter chicken is something that the restaurant can take pride on.

Rich tomato gravy cooked in Indian spices with chicken tikka, topping with extra cream just completely justify its name. Butter chicken is the USPs of the outlet. Have some garlic naan or rice with it to satiate your hunger.

If you are looking for something tikha or want to feel essence of some khada masala, then do try Mutton Rogan Josh–mixed with all the Indian spices, be it garam masala, sukhi lal mirch (dried chili), Kali mirch, garlic, ginger or many more.  It’s highly rich in aroma and will make you say, ‘my mouth is on fire.’ But you will not stop yourself to grab it more. You can have it with garlic naan, lachha paratha or rice. It’s up to you.

Imperfecto also offers you a lot more vegetarian options that give a tough competition to its counterpart non-vegetarian dishes. Its most loved recipe Dal makhni, which will give you homesickness. Slowly cooked lentils with cream and butter maintain its originality, gives a perfect taste of Indian masala.

Oh! Are you feeling spicy! Then have its best dessert, Quinoa fruit pudding–all the fruits gently mashed, with some milk added into the quinoa and stirred well, and for garnishing part they put the orange slice on the top of it, absolutely giving you some fitness goals.

Gurugram is enjoying the limelight of the country and has transformed itself into a global city in no time. Imperfecto Patio is going to be the most happening place to unwind with foot-tapping music, scrumptious world cuisine menu, and great beverage offerings for the city people.

Lush green with a smart-casual vibe. Its colonial fans, bricked walls, wooden castle doors and glass painted in hues of green along with mellow yellow lights give a very rustic and pastoral look to the cafe. Chic pub seating adds a fresh and modern vibe to the rustic look of the cafe. It has a special kids zone, a separate bar section, a regular seating area, a bakery, and a live kitchen. There is a cool gaming section as well for those looking to indulge in some fun games.

Imperfecto Patio adds cheerful craziness to the vibe through its well-curated list of the menu and playlist, both selectively chosen from different parts of the world. The cafe offers a wide range of unique dishes like Helen Charlotte’s Heavenly Spirit salad, The Tripartite Platter from clay oven platter, Pineapple grilled with ricotta cheese and salad, Scottish fish finger with tartar sauce, The Mediterranean bruschetta with pomoro Murg Achaari tikka, Grandma Spanish croquetas, Timeless Pepperoni Pizza, Spinach and Ricotta Pizza and lots more to savour from. The world cuisine is effortlessly paired together with Indian ethos and ingredients.

Since Valentine’s week is around the corner, Imperfecto is all set to give you a double dose by making your day memorable. They have special arrangements for all the couple on lovers day. So don’t let your weekend go in vain, better utilize it and experience fun and fusion themes at Imperfecto Patio.

Address: Imperfecto Patio

Where: Pearl Ln, Block N, Mayfield Garden, Sector 51, Gurugram, Haryana 

Cost for two: 1800 (including alcohol)

Timings: 12 am to 12 pm (open all days)