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Five powerful seeds that can help prevent cancer

Certain seeds can potentially provide a shield against certain cancers or assist in cancer recovery if incorporated in the daily diet

Deepa Gupta | New Delhi |

There are far too many options to choose from when it comes to dietary anti-cancer foods. Nutritious and well-rounded foods such as healthy seeds can provide a host of health benefits to prevent cancer. However, no food can fully prevent, treat or cure cancer but certain foods including seeds can potentially help prevent cancer or assist in cancer recovery.

Five best seeds for cancer prevention

Sesame seeds: Sesame seeds are a powerful anti-cancer diet. They are high in antioxidants and vitamin E. These nutrients help in warding off oxidative damage particularly to the liver. The liver is a crucial organ that every cancer patient needs to nurture for optimum detoxification function. Sesame seeds are rich in oil-soluble lignans which are known for their anti-oxidative properties. Furthermore, a high level of vitamin E, vitamin K, and magnesium have an anti-carcinogenic effect on the body. They also contain a rare cancer-fighting compound phytate which reduces the effect of free radicals.

Pumpkin seeds: Pumpkin seeds are full of valuable nutrients. These seeds contain antioxidants like carotenoids and vitamin E which can reduce inflammation and protect your cells from harmful free radicals. That is why consuming pumpkin seeds rich in antioxidants can help protect against certain types of cancer. Diet rich in pumpkin seeds have been linked to a reduced risk of stomach, lung, prostate and colon cancer. Lignans in pumpkin seeds are responsible for preventing breast cancer.

Ground flax seeds: Flax seeds are an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids may help prevent cancer by inhibiting cancer cell proliferation and disrupting steps that are critical to tumour growth. They also help reduce inflammation which means they could reduce the possibility of cellular mutations. Eat flax seeds that have been ground for best results.

Sunflower seeds: Sunflowers pack many nutrients into a tiny seed including vitamin E and selenium. It is a beneficial plant compound that can help prevent cancer because selenium has been shown to induce DNA repair and synthesis in damaged cells to inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells and to induce their apoptosis, the self-destruct sequence the body uses to eliminate worn out or abnormal cells. In addition, selenium contains a protein which is particularly important for cancer protection.

Chia seeds: Chia seeds are among the most powerful anti-cancer foods which are a rich source of lignans. Lignans have anti-estrogenic effects that inhibit cell growth in breast tumours. These seeds are rich in alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), a type of omega-3 fatty acids found in many plant foods. ALA helps limit the growth of both breast and cervical cancer cells.

These seeds can be purchased online or found in many larger grocery store chains. The best way to prevent cancer is by maintaining good health like from eating a nutritious whole-food diet with lots of fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds and exercising regularly.

Being a great source of healthy fats, vegetarian protein, fibre and antioxidant polyphenols, seeds are quite worthy to add to your daily diet. You can sprinkle them on salads, yogurt and oatmeal or blend them with your smoothies.

Healthy Eating, Happy Living!