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Since the demand for good looks has increased with time, there is a big requirement for professional makeup artists.

Ravi Mittal | New Delhi |

Beauty has a way of capturing attention. Beauty treatments and fashion trends have always been in trend but today more and more people have become conscious about their looks. With the boom in entertainment industry, and more competition in modelling as well as fashion field, the demand for good looks has come up like never before. This has resulted in a need for professionals to make people look good. Make-up is an art and a makeup artist is a professional who uses mediums applied to the skin to transform or enhance the appearance of a person.

Make-up artist uses human skin as a canvas and makeup as a medium. These professionals prepare individuals for appearance in front of cameras or a live audience. They apply makeup and prosthetics for theatrical, television, film, fashion shows, magazines and other similar productions including all aspects of the modelling industry. Individuals who require constant services of these artists include models, film personalities, high-profile individuals who are always in the news.

It is a creative career with a wide array of possibilities, and successful artists are able to use design skills, experimentation and products to create stunning looks. Makeup artists must keep up with fashion trends and product developments, and have an interest in skin science and beauty. There are two main categories of makeup artist. Fashion artists who prepare fashion models for photo shoots, and theatrical or film makeup artist. While fashion makeup artist work with designers to create a certain look for the model, such as emphasising lip shape or cheekbones; theatrical or film makeup artist enhances an actor’s features to emphasise the character he or she plays in performance art. Job outlook To make successful career as a make-up artist, aspirants need to develop important personality traits. They must have an attractive personality, dexterity, sound health, energy and excellent communication skills to compete in this field.

Candidates must also aware of latest fashion trends, hygiene and cleanliness. Other qualities such as imagination, creativity and complete knowledge of the cosmetics and other related products have significant role in determining the positive course of makeup. Work in the salon industry is relatively stable, with jobs predicted to grow over the next decade by 14 per cent. Experience is essential to land this kind of job. Makeup artists also get attractive jobs in events like fashion shows, weddings and social gatherings. They are highly sought during these occasions. Beauty parlours, advertising agencies and magazines also recruit make-up artists at high salary. Education person who has innate ability of creativity can perform well in the career of makeup artist.

Candidates need strong imagination, understanding, research and hard work. Professionals, who can make the detailed use of cosmetics, wigs and other tools to give that desired looks, can easily flourish. A professional course will always help them to enhance their career in this field. They can complete specialisation in make-up under any major academy. Since expert artists often work in the movie, TV or theatre industries, some theatre production, they must attain bachelor’s degree programmes that allow students to choose a section where they can learn skills like basic make-up application, special effects make-up and remedial make-up. Experience Want to know the three-word secret to becoming a great makeup artist? Practice, practice, practice! The more people you try your skills out on, the wider range of skin tone, complexion and face shape you’ll have experience of.

Creating a portfolio is important when you are applying for jobs — for portfolio shots, it’s best to use a professional photographer, who will make sure your models look amazing, and your work is displayed to best advantage. Your portfolio must showcase different styles of makeup – beauty, experimental, simple and editorial. Other ways to gain experience include working backstage in amateur theatre, or on student film projects. Skills, attributes required In order to be a good make-up artist one must have a good colour perception, passion for make-up, good communication skills. He or she must be creative and artistic and will be able to work under pressure. They must have good business sense and diplomacy, stamina, patience and concentration, careful eye for detail and a willingness to work long hours. Apart from all the above attributes, complete and updated knowledge of makeup and other related products play an integral role in determining the right professional in this field.

The writer is managing director, Makeup Studio Training Centre India