Summer is a perfect time to have rainbow hair. It’s time to make your unicorn dream come true. Coating your hair with chunks of different hues in an artistic way is the trend these days. Yes! That’s the new unicorn hair look. It’s a crazy yet magical hairstyle.

A step-by-step procedure to have hot and chic unicorn hair is here for you.

Gather the required material: A cape, old towels, multiple pair of rubber gloves, a few plastic grocery sacks, few hair clips, tiny rubber bands, ponytail holders, tin foil cut into rectangular pieces, disposable plastic cups, stirrers, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil and a mild shampoo.

Select the lightest blond shade available in the bleaching kit. Bleach the hair to be coloured. If you’re starting with black or previously dyed dark hair, you should visit a parlour for perfect bleaching. If doing it yourself, read the instructions on the packaging carefully and follow them with all safety and precautions. Bleaching can be dangerous if you are not an expert. So in that case it is advisable to be done at parlour through a professional. Don’t follow this step for kids and old people.

Mix bleach according to the directions and apply it on one section of hair at a time. Fold the bleached part into a piece of rectangular tin foil to cover it completely. After achieving your desired lightness, follow the instructions to rinse it out without using shampoo. Let them dry. Gather them into high ponytail. Slather the bleached hair in coconut oil and cover the ponytail with a plastic grocery bag. Secure with a rubber band. Sleep on it so that the oil gets absorbed into the bleached hair. Wash your hair the next morning with a mild shampoo to remove coconut oil. Give one day rest to your hair before colouring them.

If you want a new haircut, this is the perfect time to go ahead. All the worst of the bleach damaged ends will get removed with the haircut or trimming.

Select the colours from branded dyes. Keep the rainbow colours ready in a line. If you want to make a new colour mixing two or more available shades, prepare them now and put them in line with others. It may give special effect to your unicorn hair look.

Section your hair in desired number of parts using small rubber bands to hold each section loosely. If some change is needed, just pull off the rubber band and re-fix it. Once you’re satisfied with the sections, set the rubber bands tightly at the level you want to dye up to.

Apply dye on each section one by one wrapping them with tin foil simultaneously. Begin at one side of the face, work your way around your head to the other side with the dyes. Leave in for at least an hour. The colour may last longer if the dye remains in your hair for a longer time. However, take precaution and follow instructions on the label. Do this step carefully and patiently, making sure each foil is as clean as possible from outside to avoid transfer of colour to other sections. Change your gloves after doing every section and before moving to colour a new hair segment.

Gather all the foiled ends and drop them all into a plastic grocery bag. Secure with a hair tie.

After an hour or so, take out the plastic bag and head to the sink. Cut the rubber bands one by one and uncover the foil of each section rinsing it separately until water runs clear. Rinse each section one by one to avoid muddying of colours. Mix apple cider vinegar with equal quantity of water. Dip the coloured sections in this solution one at a time. This will help in setting the colour.

Your unicorn is ready now. Style your hair the way you like, using any hair product or accessory.

Use only vegetable based hair dyes. They are non-caustic and condition your hair. Being safe, they may remain in your hair as long as you want. Plan to leave it at least for an hour or for three to four hours if time permits.

Important: Keep colours away from the scalp. Soak your coloured hair in coconut oil overnight at least once a week. Use only special shampoo formulated for coloured hair. Shampoo infrequently to make the colour last longer. Don’t go to bed with wet hair. It may stain your bed sheets and pillow covers. Use old towels to wrap your hair after shampooing for a couple of weeks.