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This Valentine’s get glowing and flawless skin at home with 5 easy Hacks

Valentine’s day is for all of us to enjoy, irrespective of how you want to celebrate.

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You don’t need a date this Valentine’s Day to love and pamper yourself. If you want to look perfect regardless of who your Valentine is, a flawless glow from the inside out will quickly brighten your mood and your outfit. You can put on your favorite gown and accessories, but nothing surpasses glowing skin.

Here are 5 easy tricks you should acquire right away if you want to have beautiful skin for your Valentine’s Day:

  • Use Aloe Vera gel for well hydrated, healthy, and glowing skin – Skin needs to stay hydrated too! Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties and can help to promote the growth of new cells. It moisturizes and soothes the skin while not clogging pores. After you’ve cleaned your face each day, apply aloe vera gel to hydrate your skin and get your natural glow on, for your skin needs to stay hydrated too. Please Note: Fresh Aloe vera can cause allergic reactions. It’s best to use a good quality branded aloe vera gel which is processed for safe use on facial skin. Alternately, start using fresh aloe vera gel by rubbing a small bit on your forearm to test your reaction before applying it on the face.


  • A DIY Facial at Home will be a blessing for your skin without biting a hole into your pocket with Nature’s Essence Gold and Diamond Facial Kits, you can say goodbye to dull skin and welcome healthy skin. These kits contain the goodness of gold and diamond sparkles along with a host of natural ingredients, which nourish, hydrate, and rejuvenate your skin, leaving it soft and supple with a healthy glow. A detailed step-by-step guide makes it super simple to do it at home without much hassle and the best thing is that they are priced at just Rs100/ kit.


  • Apply a good moisturizer regularly. To ensure skin health and suppleness, moisturize your skin with creams that seal in moisture and have antioxidant properties. Don’t skip the moisturizer if your face appears greasy, use a gel as a moisturizer that is enriched with ingredients that work for the skin. We recommend using tea tree-based gels for oily skin.


  • Start using facial tools and practicing face Yoga – Skin needs a workout!
    We’ve all been trying to figure out how to shape our faces in an even more natural way. Facial tools are indeed a fantastic way to accomplish this! Several facial tools available are a terrific way to treat yourself at home, whether you want to softly calm your skin using a jade roller or just do face yoga. Facial rolling helps to relax your thoughts and muscles in your face.


  • Increase your water intake. Water is required for the proper functioning of the cells that form your skin. Research and studies show the relationship between drinking water and having healthy skin. So, drink lots of water and keep your skin hydrated & happy from within.

Valentine’s day is for all of us to enjoy, irrespective of how you want to celebrate. The pleasure of spending your romantic day with yourself or with your loved one should be enough to motivate you to look your best. Nothing can beat a gorgeous face that radiates from inside. These easy tricks will make your skin glow at all times, not just on Valentine’s Day, but also on regular days.

(By Supriya Agarwal, Beauty Expert& Brand Manager, Nature’s Essence)