As a child, almost everyone, loved superheroes like the Superman, Batman, Shaktimaan, Casper, Phantom, the Ghost Who walks, and others. Kids love to wear those out of the world attires and try to fly like them or be strong like them. But ever wondered why even babies love superheroes and why heroic acts fascinate them?

Kids adore superheroes, perhaps, because they are born with a sense of justice portrayed through the characters's heroic acts, according to researchers. Their findings, which was published in the journal Nature Human Behavior, showed that infants, who can barely talk, are "capable of recognising" heroic acts of justice. Babies are drawn to strong figures who can protect the weak, they say.

A team of researchers conducted experiments where infants were shown animations of one character chasing and bumping into another, as a third character watches from a distance."In human society, selflessly protecting the powerless is considered an act of heroic justice," Yasuhiro Kanakogi from the Kyoto University was quoted as saying in the journal.

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