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Being environmentally conscious is the new hi-fashion

While being highly fashionable is a must for many fashion conscious people, the many fashion statements may be ruining the world.

Asanna Gonmei | New Delhi |

How good is your fashion quotient? Do you know what’s the new hi-fashion?

The world of fashion, today, has evolved and continues to do so. And with fashion fusion taking the world by storm, there seems no boundaries to its growth and expansion. With more creativity and innovations, the latest in trends and fashion continues to delight fashionistas. While the many fashion weeks and shows never fail to spring endless awe-inspiring collections, being environmentally is the new hi-fashion.

As habitats becomes more and more claustrophobic, the need to protect the environment is being felt by more and more people across the world. The green movement is spreading across the world and getting louder, thanks to the growing awareness.

As the “save the earth” awareness campaigns gather momentum the world over, luxury fashion fur is slowly taking a back seat. Big fashion houses are now becoming more conscious and shedding the once hi-fashion fur and taking a more compassionate decisions for the love of animals.

 fur coat
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In the hope to raise awareness and inspire the world of fashion, Italian fashion house Gucci recently announced to do away with fur, starting its spring-summer 2018 collection.

“Being socially responsible is one of Gucci’s core values, and we will continue to strive to do better for the environment and animals,” Marco Bizzarri, president and CEO, Gucci, said in a statement.

While the decision may affect the fur industry and fur trade, the environmentally conscious step would certainly help protect animals and inspire millions to follow suit.

The decisive move would also change the face of the luxury fashion world.

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As a conscientious fashionista, the fur free fashion news may make you think twice before you design a fashion product or pick up a fur jacket or a mink coat the next time you go shopping clothes. You may be wearing or using the trendiest of outfits, but you could be ruining your world. Think about the many beautiful animals being killed every day to make those lovely things you have.

While being highly fashionable is a must for many fashion conscious people, being environmentally conscious and choosing fashion products wisely is the new hi-fashion today.

Know your world, save animals and protect your world. Do your bit to bring positive change and make a better world to live for generations to come.