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Driving may harm your heart!

Do you know that regular driving can lead to weight and heart problems? 


SNS | New Delhi |

Do you drive your way to work regularly? Are you spending most of the time driving around town? Beware, driving around too much may damage your body and heart!

Too much time spent sitting in your vehicle and making your way around can add to your body weight, back problem and even lead to cardiovascular problems. A study by scientists of the Institute of Health and Ageing in Australia found that people who spend even an hour in the day driving are heavier compared to those who spend less time driving their cars.

The study also states that people who drive more hours are more likely to develop heart problems. The researchers studied the socio-economic and driving habits of over 2,000 adult Australians in the age group of 34-65 years.

Hence, you must take care to control your weight and heart if you are driving daily.

Cut down your driving time. Avoid short-distance travelling or commuting by car. Walk where you can.

Take time to take a brisk walk or indulge in any activities that involves a lot of physical movement daily. Fix a regular time in the morning or evening for a walk or other fitness regimen.

Watch what you eat. Have a nutritious plan-diet that can reduce bad cholesterol level.

Know the different types of food good for the heart. Some foods good for the heart are dry fruits such as almonds and walnuts, fish with high omega 3cs, oatmeal, berries, fruits such as oranges and papaya, flex-seed and green veggies among others.