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Dating in 2021? Follow these six resolutions

Allow the power of manifestation to wash over you and repeat the following to yourself.

IANS | New Delhi |

The new year brings with it a special reflection on what the past year has offered you in your dating life. As one looks back on the last 12 months be honest about your dating successes and failures. Did 2020 bring passion, joy, heartbreak, confusion, inconveniently timed IBS (or a combination of all five)? Regardless, follow these tips to own 2021.

Don’t be quick to make vague resolutions like ‘being less picky, ‘being more communicative,’ or the Carrie Bradshaw-approved, ‘love me first!’ Analyze what these actually mean? Without tangible or specific actions, it’s all too easy for well-intentioned goals to fall by the wayside.

Allow the power of manifestation to wash over you and repeat the following to yourself.

I will respect my body, heart, and mind by waiting until the third date to follow someone on Instagram. Don’t give all your sweet memes and fire OOTDs out for free. Make them work for it.

I will be more open to dating people who aren’t my usual “type.” Go ahead and give that tech-obsessed person a chance! Best case scenario? You two hit it off and discuss the future of driverless cars. Worst case scenario? You never see him again, but at least you finally understand Bitcoin.

I will not pretend to like rock climbing just to relate to the person I want to date. Sometimes they will think your security in your own interests is sexy, sometimes they will stop dating you because they find someone else who does, in fact, love rock climbing. Either way, your authenticity is a win in and of itself.

I will not agree to go on a date that will eat up on my savings or if I have to borrow money. Let’s face it we all have days when we are tapped out of cash. Why put yourself in a place that will make you uncomfortable? Try a video call or a virtual date night instead.

I will not bother wasting time on that one person from my past who always texts me when they’re in town just because I’m bored. It hasn’t been good all this while, why would it be good this time? Let’s leave this in the 2010s.

I will stop matching with people who don’t upload their pics in their profile. If we all commit to this, we can eradicate it for good. This is 2021 we all deserve to live in.