Having won Mr India International 2017 title, which paves the way for him to represent India at Mr International 2018, Darasing Khurana appears poised and confident to take on the world and achieve a feat India has never won.

In an exclusive interview to thestatesman.com, Mr India International 2017, who is also a fashion consultant, reveals how he is preparing for Mr International event, what led him to fashion and design and what his ultimate goal in life is.

“I will represent India next year at Mr. International 2018. This title is something we’ve never ever won. I’m honoured to represent my nation at this stage. My preparations are really going well, the changes in the lifestyle is necessary to be at this place. From eating right to exercising regularly I’m making sure that my preparations are up to the expectations,” Dara says.

Dara has, indeed, come a long way.

His dream

“I’m from a small town in Maharashtra, Parbani, and my dream started as a small dream with no long-term goals for it. I entered a competition for Mr Parbani back in 2006 but initially I was not eligible for the contest as I was 14 years old and the minimum age for the contest was 17. But being a Punjabi has its own perks as I looked more matured than my age, so they allowed me to enter the contest which I eventually won!” Mr India International says.

The call

But it was a call from an acquaintance that made him decide that fashion modeling was what he wants to do in life!

“I was with my father at his shop and received a phone call from my father’s friend to congratulate me. He asked me do you want to represent India in the future, and I said yes in an instant without realising what I just said. But then it clicked me that maybe this is what I want to and then I decided to pursue fashion and modeling.” Dara says.

The pillar in his life

His mother was his biggest supporter in pursuing his dreams but he still respects those who were against his dreams initially.

“See I come from a joint Punjabi family and I was a pampered child. So everyone was concerned about whether I’ll be able to make it big with such big dreams. Initially, everyone was not understanding about my passion. My mother on the other hand was my biggest supporter from the get-go. She has always been there for me and never had second thoughts on my dreams,” the young model explains.

Dara‘s take on the infamous casting couch of the industry

The model believes no one forces their will on you, sometimes it just happens and sometimes people does it out of desperation.

“I have been fortunate enough not to have faced the casting couch in the industry. Yes, I have heard about it but never encountered it. But in my opinion, it depends on the person involved in such controversies. Nobody forces their will on you. Sometimes things happens unknowingly and sometimes we do things out of desperation. But I’m lucky that I got under the right people,” Dara says

His ultimate goal

Acting will happen, but right now his ultimate goal is to represent India and try his best to win the title that India has never won.

“I have been an exploring person since my childhood, be it career options or even the small things. I love to explore. Talking about acting, it will happen in the future but right now my priority is to win the title of Mr International 2018. This is my childhood dream, I can’t leave my passion for something which is not a priority to me.

“Everything will fall in place only after I represent my nation at Mr International 2018.” Dara signs off.