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Vegan beauty products for your overall skincare

Their products will help you with nourishment and give you a daily basis look, especially in winters.

Hasrat Sandhu | New Delhi |

3 AM is a vegan beauty brand that promotes clean skincare and gender neutrality. It has launched a new range of skin-loving beauty products that are curated to not only enhance your everyday look but also nourish your skin.

Their products will help you with nourishment and give you a daily basis look, especially in winters.

They focus on developing science-backed, sustainably-formulated products which are 100% cruelty-free and contribute to both clean living and a clean environment. The good part is that they are vegan products and you can easily buy them online and the prices are nominal.

Here is the new collection of skincare products

1.Baesic Moisturiser: Enriched with the goodness of natural extracts from Mushroom, Tomato, Mulberry and Niacinamide, that keeps the skin hydrated all day and gives out a fresh feel with dewy-glow. It is non-greasy, locks in the moisture to provide instant hydration, brightens the skin with a natural glow and leaves a soothing texture on the skin.

2. Sundowner Sunscreen: Its clean ingredients like tea tree, lemon fruit, flavanoids, licorice, orange & cucumber and turmeric extracts nourish the skin with multiple benefits like acne prevention, maintenance of tone and moisture, regeneration of cells & antioxidation, recharge with radiance, healing of skin from natural Vitamin C, and reduction of blemishes & prevention from the loss of skin elasticity respectively.

3. Speed Dial Face Mist which is a multipurpose product packed with the richness of plant extracts, like Tea Tree & Neem to calm redness and treat acne scars, Aloe to hydrate and make the skin plump, Glycerin to lock moisture, Niacinamide to keep pesky bumps at bay, Mulberry to brighten & even out skin, Allantoin to prevent dryness & irritation, and Licorice to promote radiance. Along with being a hydration booster, it is also a makeup setting spray. On top of this, it can also be used as an after shaving spray.