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INATUR passion & expertise in Innovation

Herbs and Ayurveda are a central part of our process and the colour green signifies our connection with nature.

Hasrat Sandhu | New Delhi | Updated :

INATUR holds a very wide and relevant meaning. It stands as an acronym for Innovations and India on the one side and Nature on the other.

Ayurveda and Aromatherapy help our consumers understand where the key ingredients come from and show our products as a symphony & blend of timeless nature with science.

Their brand tree symbolizes the treasures of Mother Nature and the protective cover that it cocoons us in. Herbs and Ayurveda are a central part of our process and the colour green signifies our connection with nature.

Nature has always been around, their products of both Skin & Hair, for you to feel its healing and beautifying result in their products are naturally made and gives you perfect result with this our body glowing in winter season as we know winter season was a dry season body needs moisturising, they are on their website also and they have a reasonable price. Inatur this inspires us to use the most extensive and wide range of natural ingredients to care for your skin and hair.

They use Ayurveda, Aromatherapy, Fruits, Flower, Plant Science, Minerals, as long as it comes from Nature, it’s in Inatur products. They bring the loving care and healing touch of Nature, top it with our passion and expertise and serve it in our products especially for you.

Jasmine & Sandalwood Massage Oil

Inatur Calming massage oil is a blend of pure essential oils which work to relax tight muscles and give relief from tension. It is perfect for a gentle massage to help relax, unwind and ensure a good night’s sleep.

Active Ingredients: Jasmine Oil, Patchouli Oil, Sandalwood Oil, Geranium Oil

Sandal & Vanilla Bath Oil

Enriched with Almond- which acts as an emollient, Apricot kernel- that is moisturizing, Sandal- that has anti-inflammatory properties, Patchouli- it revitalizes skin, Fenugreek- which soothes the skin, Saffron- that comes with healing and beautifying properties, and Vanilla- that is stimulating.

Active Ingredients: Almond Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Sandal Oil, Patchouli Oil, Fenugreek Oil, Saffron Oil, and Vanilla Oil.