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Chalk it up and funk up the party look

Getting ready for the party? Highlight your hair locks in funky colours and party hard!

Deepa Gupta | New Delhi |

Are you feeling low? Bored with your hairdo? Looking for something new? Cheer up and highlight your hair locks in funky colours!

You can go wild chalk dying your hair and colour up your life. You don't have to go for permanent dye. You can use different shades of chalks for that funky look and party the night away, and wash them off the next day.

Flaunt your hair with all the colours you want. All you require is some technique and a few chalks, water, protective gloves, towel and a flat iron.

Steps to chalk dye your hair:

Wet your hair so the colour can stick to it properly.

If you are blonde, don’t wet your hair before chalking.

Rub the chalk to your hair blocks in downward motion.

Let it air dry.

Seal the colour in with a flat iron or curling iron for a wavy look.

Apply hair spray.

Wow! You are ready for the show.

It is an easy, quick and inexpensive way to colour your party hairdo. It works well on any hair length. Be ready to spring a surprise at the party.

Avoid using dusty side walk chalks and oil-based pastel chalks. These will not serve the purpose.