Want to learn lessons to attract a woman. It doesn’t happen overnight but it’s a process that may take years and dedication to learn. These type of possessions can drive her crazy.

Let’s be honest in telling why women go after few men while other guys remain unnoticed. Only good looks, wealth, social status and sophistication are not required to attract opposite sex, there are many more secrets from the perspective of women which men should possess to impress them. 

Male assets that attract women naturally:   

Be genuine and not an imitator: Genuineness is the primary source of attraction for a female. She can differentiate between the men who are candid and those who are faking. No show off please! Women are not attracted directly to wealth and status but to the behaviours indicating a man’s actual being. It’s the core of attraction.

Be confident but not over confident: Confidence is the necessity for possessing attractiveness in the dating market. Work upon improving yourself a little each day. You’ll steadily gain confidence. Have an internal sense of value. Women judge it without seeing any effort by you depicting it through your words or actions. This technique will make you stand out of the crowd. It’s a myth that a woman loves a man who is totally under her control. Actually she loves a man who is a strong-minded leader and is in control of himself only, one who doesn’t let others even her to influence him.

A man of mystery: The men who speak less attract women more than those who speak more. When you speak more, you start talking on irrelevant topics. It affects your ideal personality and you become less important. When you see her for the first time, say only ‘hello’ and that too only when she notices you. Don’t put a questionnaire in front of her of your queries about her or don’t start describing yourself with a big bang. Be patient and a good listener in further meetings too. Pay more attention to your beliefs, behaviours and body language rather than your words. Put little more effort into being decent looking, smiling, soft and calm.

Always maintain a good hygiene: Do you know, she secretly notices about your hygiene. Just because you can’t see some things doesn’t mean she also can’t. Daily shower, shave or grooming facial hair, cleaning nails, cleaning ears, cleaning nostrils, oral hygiene, wearing clean-crisp clothes and other personal hygiene really matter to keep women in your life well around you. All these things are very crucial for female persuasion than you feel. Your natural body fragrance without using a cologne can make a difference in how attractive you appear to a woman.

Male scent: A woman feels more attractive to a man whose body fragrance is more enticing. That’s why cologne is so popular and comes in a variety of different scents. It reflects a male’s personality and may draw a lot of compliments from opposite sex. It’s an easy way to fascinate women. She can smell you at an unconscious level too and can gravitate more towards you.

These qualities are learnable and practically applicable. Try to develop them naturally from a young age to make them a part of your lifestyle. These dynamics are appreciated in every facet of life but never more so than in dating. If you can absorb these suggestions, you can be a more desirable man of a woman of your choice. Do these exciting things together for better relationships and better life down the road. HAPPY DATING!