The Power of Positive Thinking

The very phenomena of ‘human beings’ means that we are beings of faith. We are beings of deep understanding and profound realisation of the human consciousness.

The Power of Positive Thinking

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The very phenomena of ‘human beings’ means that we are beings of faith. We are beings of deep understanding and profound realisation of the human consciousness. That we have the power to create, we have the power to transform and we have the power to plan, organise, follow up and manifest. Human Beings are beings of optimism.

Optimism also falls back and relies on the same internal experience of having successfully manifested life either through wishes, desires, deeds, thoughts, words, or intentions all put together. May it be faith or optimism. What comes to light is positivity in regular terms.

Positive people generally turn things around in their favour. They can always see the positive side of it all. They can always feel and realise the positive perspectives and perceptions in every situation and circumstance, this positivity makes them optimistic and faith-driven, which gives them self-confidence, and self-conviction, and this also gives them the power to manifest, power to create.


Positive people are generally always on a high, whenever they are confronted with situations that are a little place displacing, perturbing, or disturbing, positive people look at the positive side, accept the situation, and the circumstance with grace, take responsibility for contributing towards that situation and turn it around.

Positivity comes at the most basic level, at a slightly higher level comes optimism, and at the highest level comes super faith/ superconsciousness, so when people start their lives being positive they will translate into being successful, visionary, have profound perspectives and perceptions, have a deep understanding of all that is happening around, absolute awareness and will be able to react and respond to situations the way they are supposed to be.

Doubts, apprehensions, insecurities, fears, and phobias generate thoughts that could be debilitating to the human body. They throw the body out of gear in a form of constriction and restricted flow of vital fluids, vital oxygen, and vital functions of the organs. Such thoughts don’t support cellular regeneration and they don’t support digestion.

They don’t support growth hormones, they don’t support the nervous system. They disturb the orchestration of all the functions of our physiology and biology. Our biochemistry, our bioelectricity, and our biomechanics, all suffer a blow with all these negative emotions and negative thoughts.

To turn them around, what we could do is:

Silence ourselves

Restore our breath

Get our breath back in rhythm from staggered.

Spend a lot of time in nature.

Go out in the open under the open sky. Absorb a lot of sunshine.

Expand our awareness.

Find confidence

Find creative solutions to all the problems and issues as perceived.

A lack of creative solutions gives rise to stress. Stress burns it all. When you begin to align creative solutions appear. Smelling flowers, eating fruits, doing meditation, being in Shavasana, taking shower, splashing the face and eyes with cold water, laughing it out, singing, listening to music, taking a walk, a simple dance, simply being with people, hugging and kissing our loved one’s, sharing, venting, emptying, talking will help find new clarity and solutions.

(Dr Mickey Mehta, Global leading Holistic Health Guru)