Zimyo offers customized solution for HRMS, payroll and ATS

Speaking about the HR department, streamlining is important as it brings an organized structure to the companies.

Zimyo offers customized solution for HRMS, payroll and ATS

Technology has proven itself as a boon for all in many ways and the fact that HR technology is changing the world towards betterment is undeniable. CHROs across the globe are finding ways and adapting solutions by which they can save time and deliver tasks with additional efficiency. HR technologies evolved from basic HR needs to employee engagement, continuous feedback, insights and much more.

Let us read an insightful founding story of Zimyo and the reason behind the Saas based HR Startup by Ajay Kadyan.

Speaking about the HR department, streamlining is important as it brings an organized structure to the companies. Previously the HR department was into traditional practice with a lot of manual labour. However, with the stepping of innovation and some of the best HRMS solutions taking up the gear, things have started to change. All the critical details like employee information, appraisals, financial secrets are at a glance but completely secured.


Cloud-based HRMS solutions play a great role in making this data secure and easily accessible to concerned authorities. People have started calling innovations the fourth industrial revolution as it has some of the best and significant advantages for the companies.

Why is HR Technology beneficial?

There are many benefits that a robust HR tech reaps for any organization.

  • Change in HR and Business Mindsets – Efforts only materialize when we are able to change and adapt a new mindset, and for HR’s, this is facilitated by HR technology
  • Critical data management – Every organization has critical data be it of employees, clients or vendors and so on. It is essential to have a secure, cloud-based HCM solution for managing this data
  • Engagement and Continuous Feedback – Technology helps roll out a system for continuous feedback and engagement at all levels to foster a boost in productivity
  • Central Storage System – HCM solutions have a central storage system for culminating all data on a unified platform
  • Analytical and informed decision making – When there is availability and accessibility to all the data, then decisions made are analytical and informed
  • Streaming of Payroll and Compliances – The complexities of payroll can be simplified with a robust payroll and expense management module, which Zimyo offers
  • Applicant Tracking System – It becomes easy to track applicant status from the very initial stages to onboarding with the help of HR solutions

Zimyo’s HR solutions are trusted by more than 300+ CHROs of fast-growing startups and many other organizations for managing their day-to-day HR activities.

The reason why HRMS Software is more and more Employee Centric

With easy installation and round the clock customer support provided by Zimyo, its partner customers have been able to strategize employee-centric HR roles to increase productivity and enhance the human experience. Moreover, HR Tech is expected to be a billion-dollar industry in the coming few years and if we see the current analytics; it is less than 10 % of SME’s and startups who are having Saas for HRMS.

This will integrate all the core processes of the HR functionalities into one single solution. Additionally, it helps to improve recruitment, easy accessibility for the employee, facilitates cloud-based data management, automates the data entry. As we all know that payroll has many complexities and Saas for HRMS reduces many critical errors and compliances.

HRMS is making employees feel more engaged and also it involves the careful integration of confidential information of the employees. HRMS will also reshape the future of the startups and various analytical insights are supporting the key strategy of decision making.

When we started Zimyo, we had just one focus in mind – make HR more “employee-centric” for the workforce. If we look at our past work culture, it includes patriarchal culture to highly obsessed hierarchy culture in India. That was like following traditional methods of working where the salary on monthly basis was the only relief, despite endless efforts.

“One thing that helps us to stand out from the crowd is that instead of focusing solely on making profits through our solutions, we are highly driven to create an impact in the HR tech space. Our solutions are specifically designed to solve workforce management issues that haven’t received much attention before. But, today, organizations are focusing more on improving work culture and employee engagement and I think HR tech can serve the purpose well.” says Ajay Kadyan, co-founder of Zimyo.

Our HRMS dashboard provides real-time and high-level data that are critical measures of HR Success. Also by using our recruitment and onboarding module, startups will have an easy and affordable way to recruit employees. This module not just helps in managing recruitment and onboarding, but also provides an in-depth analysis of recruiter performance.

With all the benefits, HRMS is no doubt the global future as it will increase the productivity of the organization and employees.

Funding till now

Nowadays, everyone is on a startup’s spree, so ensuring funding is quite challenging for everyone. However, we have been fortunate as many angel investors appreciated our vision and came on board in January 2019. The major differentiator was our product, success stories, and product-passionate team and this led us to interact with the industry’s best leaders. We were rolling in euphoria when we raised 1.5 mn in the seed funding round, led by Hero Choudhary, BEENEXT.

Besides funding, we are fortunate enough to have Sayali Karanjkar, Co-founder of Paysense, joining the board of Zimyo. This is to further advice on building Fintech products and global expansion.

Zimyo is offering organizations a customized solution for HRMS, Payroll and ATS which is a critical function for major organizations.

Zimyo believes in oneness!