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The Wielder Of The Trishul: A new take on mythological fiction

Stories of mythological fiction have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Prominent writers like Amish Tripathi and Anand Neelakantan have created a hardcore fan following for this niche.

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The well-known conflict between the Devas and Asuras unfolds on a new territory — the mythical planet of Dhruva-Lok. Love, duty and justice get entangled in the web of war as gods are forced to choose sides. ‘The Wielder of the Trishul’ marks an exciting start to a new trilogy, written by Satyam Srivastava. A mythological fantasy series, the Deva-Asura Katha will cover the epic battle between the king of gods, Indra, and his arch-nemesis Vritra. ‘The Wielder of the Trishul’, as the first of the series, lays out the origin of this heroic tale. It sets the scene through the rising powers of Devas and Asuras, the resultant clash and the chase to wield Lord Shiva’s Trishul.

The series takes inspiration from a legend that comes from the Rig Veda, one of Hinduism’s sacred texts. In the original version, Vritra captures all the waters of the world and becomes the personification of drought. The mighty Indra is then forced to grapple with several obstacles in order to defeat the Asura and release the imprisoned rivers. Though Indra and Vritra are the central characters, there are more players involved in the narrative who add layers of complexity to the tale. Satyam’s book delves into these complexities and makes them a highlight. Using the bones of the original story, he creates a fascinating combination of mythology and fiction. Which means you can expect intriguing twists and turns in this portrayal of this legend.

Stories of mythological fiction have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Prominent writers like Amish Tripathi and Anand Neelakantan have created a hardcore fan following for this niche. However, amongst the many retellings of the Ramayana and Mahabharata, Satyam throws light on a relatively lesser known tale. The legend of Indra and Vritra is not one that most of us have grown up with. The book brings with it a new and fresh aspect of the genre. The unfamiliar myth blended with Satyam’s sprinkle of fiction creates a compelling and unputdownable story. What grants his book a further element of intrigue is its complex characters and the blurring line between good and bad, Dharma and Adharma. Renowned mythological writer, Anand Neelakantan has praised Satyam for creating a fascinating fantasy world and skilfully telling an age-old legend.

Surprisingly, Satyam Srivastava wasn’t always a writer. In fact, he is not just an author but an engineer and a civil servant. After graduating from IIT Bombay he worked in Bengaluru for six years, until he qualified for the Civil Services Examination. He moved back to Mumbai as a proud IRS officer. However, with the big city came the long commutes. And it was during these hours of travelling between office and home that he found his love for words. In February 2021, he released his first novel, ‘Neelkanth: Truth, Lies, Deceit & Murder’. Set in a crime-infested Delhi in the year 2025, the novel follows a cop who must wade through lies and deceit while trying to solve a mysterious death. The crime thriller is a collaborative effort along with Rajeev Garg, a fellow IRS officer. It opened to good reviews with many readers relishing the fast paced mystery. The book’s success encouraged Satyam to expand his work and take a leap into mythology.

And so, ‘The Wielder of the Trishul’ came into being. Satyam’s first solo work, the book was released under the publishing house Leadstart earlier this year. The reputed Bollywood film director Nitesh Tiwari launched the book on 1314th October at Mumbai’s Title Waves. The director of acclaimed films like Dangal (2016) and Chhichhore (2019), was a fellow IIT student along with Satyam Srivastava. The two not only shared a hostel but also a fondness for mythology. Which is why, Tiwari said, he was happy to launch Satyam’s debut in the genre of mythology. He said that the book’s first two chapters itself had him ‘hooked’. In praise of his fellow alumni’s writing skills, Tiwari said, “Satyam has very beautifully created a fictional world and smartly kept the elements of the mythology.” The award-winning director even hinted at making a movie adaptation one day.

With the success of his previous book still in circulation, it is safe to say that Satyam’s mythology debut has a promising future. In fact, the writer has also ensured that language is not a barrier when it comes to reading this story. While the book has been written in English, copies are also available in Hindi and Marathi with the latter being translated by Madhura Bal. The paperback version of the book can be bought on Leadstart’s official website while all versions of the book (including kindle) can be found on Amazon. All set to make Satyam Srivastava the next big name in Indian mythological fiction, this is one book you don’t want to miss out on!