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Vicky Mayo of Realist Media is making waves with branded content on social media

With resilience, hard work, and determination, he escalated every single year; made a huge impact in the social media industry, and invested in the lives of others to make them financially stable.

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Vicky Mayo, the owner of Realist Media, had gone through troubled times and many challenges to taste success. With resilience, hard work, and determination, he escalated every single year; made a huge impact in the social media industry, and invested in the lives of others to make them financially stable. At the age of 27, he managed to come out right on the face of competitors with a prolific personality and numerous ways.

Failures are a part of life, some live through it and others don’t; some go far beyond their experimentation to not let such hurdles come in their way, and others sit quietly and do nothing about the challenges they endure. There is a man inside Vicky Mayo who doesn’t accept defeat. He is the one who is also called Waqas Ali by his family members, relatives, and friends. This person Vicky is not just an individual, he is beyond that in the world where he belongs – almost a superhero!

Vicky belongs to a village and comes from a family that had no idea about the internet. During his college days, he realised one thing which changed his vision towards life – if you waste time in doing things which you don’t want, it will never soothe your personality, you will feel hollow from inside, and that would kill you from the inside.

So, keeping in mind that he had to try out online marketing, he quit college and started to invest time in learning all that had the potential to make him an experienced online marketer. For that, he learned Search Engine Optimization and started working around this industry. Unfortunately, it did not do any good to him and Vicky only lost money during the practice.

Knowing that Search Engine Optimization will not give him ultimate joy and there isn’t much luck in this field, he left Search Engine Marketing and gave a try to Social Media. Fortunately, he did good right from the beginning which boosted his morale. He started working around related parameters. Right when he was getting enough from the market, tough times began to fall in. Vicky tried to manage it all alone without anyone’s support, mainly because he had no guide or mentor to look up to. His family didn’t know much about the internet and wasn’t there to support him financially or morally. Even then, he pulled himself from the quicksand of fate, worked differently on social media, and made way towards professional life once again.

Vicky made new plans and strategies to keep himself floating. Later, when he got the know-how on how to combat downfalls and how exactly to stand again, he was driven to initiate working on ground levels of his company – Realist Media. It was indeed a turning point or rather a new phase in his life. Since he was always passionate about being a CEO and the owner of a digital media company, he put in all his efforts to become one – and he did!

Now that he was an owner and social media entrepreneur, it was time to earn enough to feed himself, his family, and the people of his country, Pakistan. With the aim of being in the top 10 list, he worked accordingly. Today, he makes thousands of dollars every month and has a diversified team where people get acquainted with social media marketing. Facebook is his forte and his main expertise revolve around this very platform.

Let’s find out more about the company – Realist Media:

It is a company for branded content curation on different genres on social media. Realist Media’s main essence is to engage the audience with the content they are looking for. Authenticity is one of those elements that let the audience have faith and trust in you. Therefore, it is always taken into account. Besides Facebook, Vicky undertakes projects on Instagram and Pinterest too. The result which he had received so far is mind-blowing!

Vicky Mayo is a true inspiration for many youngsters as he is one of the best living examples of a young entrepreneur. He reached the pinnacle of success just at the age of 27 when others of his age are mostly busy doing lesser jobs, etc.

He has moved with the flow of life, converted failures into something big in the form of success, and helped many.

Disclaimer: This is a company press release. No journalist is involved in creation of this content.