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Steven Kelly lists the most critical survival items that will protect you in an emergency

Along with the necessary skills, your biggest allies in the wild are survival items that will protect you in every scenario.

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Excited about learning Bushcraft skills?

Learning new techniques and wondering what all is important to survive in the wild?

Along with the necessary skills, your biggest allies in the wild are survival items that will protect you in every scenario. There are many tools serving different purposes that will help you accomplish specific tasks.

This article discusses the most essential tools from Bushcraft and survival training expert Steven Kelly.

Who is Steven Kelly?

Steven Kelly is a full-time soldier serving in 29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery. He has trained and instructed weapons, Survival and Bushcraft skills in the British army for 18 years, working in Afghanistan, Norway, Sierra Leone, and numerous other countries.

He is also the founder of South West Survival, a Bushcraft and Survival training company based in the UK.

He has spent all his life practising and teaching Bushcraft skills and has expert knowledge about all the tools that you would need to not only survive but thrive in the wild.

Without any further ado, let’s understand the essential tools.

Survival Knife

A Survival Knife is the first and one of the most essential tools you would need in the wild.

It serves numerous purposes, including:

  • Helping you cut ropes and make knots
  • It helps you in cutting wood for a fire
  • Preparing food
  • Making shelter
  • Essential in Emergencies
  • And a few others

The choice of your Knife also plays a significant role. Make sure to get a high-quality Carbon Steel Knife that will help you in all scenarios.

Proper Clothing

Clothing plays a significant role, especially when you are going out in a cold or wet wild area.

Just having a raincoat in a wet area will protect you from catching a cold and surviving the situations.

It can quickly get pretty cold in the wild, and hypothermia is a big risk to anyone staying in the wild.

Make sure to wear loose clothing with wool clothing underneath the top layers.

First Aid Kit

You have to perform a lot of physical activities in the wild, and no matter how experienced you are, accidents can happen with anyone.

You will get to experience new environments and challenges, and getting a cut or getting hurt is not uncommon.

Make sure to keep a Basic First Aid Kit with essentials to stop bleeding if you get hurt. Also, ensure to keep it in waterproof packing.


The Compass acts as your Google Maps in the wild.

Navigation forms one of the most essential skills to learn, and a Compass will allow you to navigate easily in the wild.


Whistles have protected the lives of innumerable people in the past. It is the biggest weapon for you to call out for help.

The right way to blow a whistle is 3 times, followed by a break of 5 seconds. Count to 3 in your head during each blow to have 3 loud, short blows.

This is an indication of an emergency and will indicate anyone hearing to come and protect you!

Fire lighting Tools

Having a Fire Lighting Toolkit will make your life a whole lot easier in the wild.

A lighter, striker and matches form the 3 essential things that you must have in waterproof packing.

Sleeping Bag and Mattress

I am sure you have an idea of the type of shelter you will be taking with you.

Make sure to check if the shelter you are taking with you is best suited for the environment of the wild place where you are going.


These are the basic things that you must have on your adventure.

Additionally, you should also carry:

  • Headlamp
  • Warmers
  • High Energy Food
  • Gloves
  • Signal Mirrors
  • A Saw
  • Utensils for Cooking
  • Specific things that you may want

Best of luck on your journey, and I am sure you will have an awesome time meeting Mother Nature!

To learn more about Steven Kelly and South West Survival, check out and get to know everything about survival and Bushcraft skills.

You can connect with Steven Kelly on Instagram / TikTok & Twitter

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