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Somanshu Gaur became a successful life coach and network marketing expert at a young age

Even though he was an average performer at studies both in Wilsonia School and IIMT College of Engineering, he did his best to excel in life.

Brand Post | New Delhi |

A self-made multimillionaire celebrated Life Coach and Network Marketing expert, Somanshu Gaur has paved the way for the success of millions of youth throughout his decade long career. The 32-year old magnate’s run was not all smooth. He had his doses of hardships before reaching where he is today.

He was widely occupied in networking as a kid growing up in Moradabad. He was into Cricket and Singing from a very early age. Even though he was an average performer at studies both in Wilsonia School and IIMT College of Engineering, he did his best to excel in life. Somanshu Gaur did not believe studies are everything needed to succeed, and he proved this philosophy himself.

His initial days were hard as nobody believed in his vision and what he had to contribute to the world. He says, “The hardest part was managing your patience level when you don’t get the desired outcomes despite all the efforts you put in.”

“Friends and relatives who don’t trust you and always question your beliefs was a challenge during my initial days of building a business,” he adds.

He also explained how managing funds for his business as a student was remarkably challenging as someone who doesn’t receive financial support from family. “As a young and budding entrepreneur, nothing but your vision and belief can keep you motivated and productive all the time.”

“You don’t rest when you know what you want; a burning desire is all it takes,” is what Somanshu Gaur answered when asked about mental strength during the hardships. He was not happy with his lifestyle, so he worked hard to change it.

This was when he was acquainted with a brilliant idea called network marketing. He analysed the pros and cons of this new opportunity and made a wise decision that changed his life. His financial background or average score in school and college did not stop him from achieving the life of his dreams.

He teamed up with Vestige to bring an extremely positive change. He incited millions of young beings to pursue their dreams and choose a lifestyle they have always dreamed of. His passion for helping others guided him towards delivering life coaching, and he never looked back.

Gaur has reshaped many lives throughout his long-lasting career as a network marketer and life coach. He is also committed to tons of other social activities like Tree plantation, Blood Donation, Distribution of essentials in Orphanages etc. “No man can give back enough,” he always states when inquired about his social contribution.

Gaur is one of the youngest owners of a Mercedes Benz, a certified life coach, a Public speaker, and a certified nutritionist. “I could not have done it without my books,” Somanshu Gaur proudly declares when questioned about the secret of his achievements.

He finds time to read even in his tightly packed schedule. “I find time to do the things I love and update my current self”. His passion for travel has helped him gain knowledge that is beyond books. “Experiencing cultures and understanding communities across the world will make you realise that there is always something you can learn and update.”