In these modern times, there is a growing awareness of the importance of sports. It is emerging as a very vital aspect of the socio-economic development of a country. The benefits of sports are manifold, a few key ones being—improving the community health and productivity, inculcating discipline, fostering team spirit and enhancing social bonding.

Boxing acquires its own special spot in competitive sports. India has been a regular medal-holder at the Asian Games and Commonwealth Games for this sport.

Bombay Presidency Amateur Boxing Federation, the first governing body for boxing in India, was formed in 1925, in Mumbai.

Here it is about the emerging star in professional boxing – Rajeeth Singh Sethi, a 5.11’ super-middleweight boxing champion, winner of 12 fights in addition to his other impressive wins.

His early days and education?

I was born in a Sikh family on 29 August 1997 in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. My father Taranjeeth Singh Sethi is an entrepreneur and my mother Darshan Kaur Sethi a homemaker. I have one brother Manpreeth Singh.

I completed my primary schooling from Slate The School; intermediate from St Mary’s and went on to receive a degree and ILM from TWG International Hyderabad.

When and how did the inclination to become a boxer manifest itself?

I was always in awe of and impressed by International heavyweights like Mike Tyson and Mohammad Ali. However, my greatest source of inspiration lay very close to me. My uncle Syed Raza Hussain Abedi inspired me greatly since he was a former National Boxer. I always had a love and passion for boxing and was amply encouraged by my uncle to take up boxing training. My parents too were very supportive since they realised that I had an inclination and talent for this sport. They, therefore, did not pressurise me to continue my studies. I count myself very blessed and fortunate to have such a congenial family atmosphere.

His medals and championships

I have participated in 12 fights and won medals and championships which include International Medal – International Open Real Gold championship (2019) – Gold medal, School Games District Championship-2012-Gold Medal, School Games State championship (2012) -Gold medal, National Games 2013- participant, Nipune National Awards – Gold Medal and the Telangana State Championship 2016.

He has another intriguing talent – acting. How did that come about?

Yes, very early in life I discovered that one need not limit oneself to one particular field and success should not be mutually exclusive. One could dabble in and explore other areas of interest as well. So while I was successfully running my own company Paras Polymers, I also decided to give vent to my other interests. I signed up music videos and movies as an actor.