Sanat Sanjiv Sawant, better known as “Sanat Sawant”, is a musical artist from India.

He is 18 years old and already has several songs trending online. If you want to know why Sanat Sawant’s music went viral in the first months of 2021 just listen to his latest composition, Astronomia! He’s literally reaching for the stars with this hypnotic composition.

His music can best be defined as techno-electronic with a subtle and very seductive Asian influence. What he does is taking the electronic beat of the 90s and reinventing it for the new generation. And the new generation seems to like it very much. Just take a look at his Instagram account or see how well his music is doing on YouTube!

Sanat was born on September 10, 2002, in Mumbai, India. He studied at the Don Bosco High School Matunga and this is where he first showed an interest in music. He also got a degree in Commerce from the prestigious RA Podar College of Commerce and Economics in Mumbai.

Sanat Sawant showed a great talent for music since he was very young and many of his friends encouraged him to pursue a career in music. How do you do this in the 21st century? Online, of course.

You don’t wait for anyone to discover you, you go out there, you put your best music forth and grow a following. And Sanat is quite good at that.

He started when he was just 16-years old with a dream. His first song Calamity went online in 2019. His dreams of making it big were hampered by the terrible pandemic of 2020, but Sanat Sawant used it as an opportunity to grow and develop his personal sound.

Come 2021, Sanat Sawant is back with a vengeance. Released on January 7, his latest single Astronomia went viral in a matter of days. Two months later, Astronomia has over 100,000 views on YouTube. This young musician is present on basically every music platform out there like Spotify and Apple Music.

Sanat Sawant’s aim is to grow an organic following by harnessing the tremendous power of social media. He’s not just an artist but he’s already an influencer on Instagram where his account has over 60k followers. His secret? Being active and engaging with his followers.

His posts aren’t there just for getting likes. Sanat knows that you have to talk to your fans, answer their questions and, most of all, and listen to their comments. A true artist makes music not just for himself just for the sake of it but also for his fans. His qualities as an influencer have been recognized by experts in this field. Check out his interview for Disrupt magazine on what it takes to build a social media following.

With a degree in Commerce, Sanat Sawant is looking forward to a career as an entrepreneur, most probably to foster his music career. What’s better than being your own manager?

When he’s not busy writing a new song, Sanat is very much into video games like any other teenager and he’s quite a pro at PUBG Mobile!

Then there’s football, and there’s cricket. Following the incredible success of Astronomia, fans are definitely waiting for more.