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Liz Kennedy is the TV beauty host and Influencer making a difference

Liz Kennedy focuses so much of her time and energy volunteering at women’s centers for abuse and drug addiction.

Advertorial | New Delhi |

On the surface, Liz Kennedy is a TV Beauty Host and Influencer, however, more intimately, she is a feminist keen on breaking negative and unfair stigmas surrounding femininity and womanhood.

Women find themselves being put in one of two boxes: pristine and innocent good girl gearing up for motherhood or crazy, irrational, emotional, and unstable.

Beyond the pigeonholing, females are subjected to a far higher rate of violence than males are. This puts them in a horrible catch 22; while facing a higher rate of violence females also feel a greater pressure to shoulder that burden by keeping up appearances and unfair beauty standards for fear of being labeled too emotional, crazy, or unstable.

This is why Liz Kennedy focuses so much of her time and energy volunteering at women’s centers for abuse and drug addiction. There is a crisis of female abuse and there is a shortage of legitimate help and resources available to women who need them.

Liz spends time and energy trying to provide some of this much-needed help and resources. To Liz, “sometimes it is as simple as just looking like the best version of yourself to feel like the best version of yourself.”

Due to the overbearing pressure that females experience to fit the stereotype of the sweet and innocent girl or mother, Liz does a great deal of work attempting to de-mystify the pregnancy process.

By centering her experience of having a difficult pregnancy, Liz is breaking stigmas and opening up space for other females who have experienced atypical or difficult pregnancies.

By doing so, Liz is reinforcing the message that these women are not alone and that there is nothing wrong with them. This work is truly priceless.

Continuing with her habit of breaking stigmas, Liz vocalizes her positive experiences as a mother who is also a business owner and influencer. Liz Kennedy is continuing to provide positive examples and images of females who are both great mothers and great executives.

She is illustrating the idea that a woman does not need to pick between a career and motherhood; you can be a fantastic executive as well as being an attentive, caring mother.

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