Art and Artists have no shape or age. Just one click is enough to get the artist-run in his head a complete picture of what they want to see in reality. This is how it all starts and this is how the rising star Kamz, a talented Tattoo artist based in Jalandhar started.

His start was small, but results were better than the most achievers.

Within a short span of time, he was able to own his own Tattoo Parlour with the name of Kamz Inkzone.

A name which on today’s date is one such place being visited by varied celebrities like Yuvraj Hans, Sara Gurpal, Sukh-e Muzical Doctorz, A-kay, Garry Sandhu, Ninja, Elly Mangat, etc. who appreciate the level of comfort and service received therein.

Kamz by his hard work and efforts became a part of various conventions held, as a Guest Tattoo Artist, wherein one such was “Lifestyle Tattoo International Convention, 2013”, held at Kathmandu where he got rewarded by John Maharajan, as a winner among the 150 artists from all over the world.

Kamz being a rising celebrity in his field, made him a part of, Ace of Space season 1 from MTV. A success which might have never been expected by Indian parents but now made them trust their son and his career choice.

16, this was the age when he started his career as a Tattoo artist and his story is a proof that it takes a minute to decide what a person wants to be all his life. His idea, it did not come up with any big opportunities but started within the 4 walls of his schools’ classroom, where this young head seeing a Tattoo made by pen on his wrist got inspired to lead out his life as an artist of same.

His passion for drawing got a true shape when he was sent to Ludhiana, to learn this craft at Nick Studio from one of the well-known tattoo expert Nick Sharma. His intensity towards his career plans was high and so was his capturing powers. A fast learner who was able to learn and get a kick start studying and travelling across India and Nepal.

Kamz Inkzone captured hearts by the dedication and level of work offered and got featured in many newspapers. He was also one such rising star of India who was called upon as the only invitee to participate from Punjab in the 2nd International Tattoo Convention held in Goa and whether it be a convention at Singapore or Thailand or Russia, his work left an imprint everywhere. According to him, his interactions at such conventions are a means to learn more about this art form which exists in him as a part of his heart and soul.

Talking about what he experienced as a part of such convictions, he says that Portrait Tattoo was more on-demand then the normal ones, especially in the convention held at Goa whereby his solid imagination and vision he helped give people more than they demanded.

This leading artist has received guidance in this field from people like Mohan Gurung and John Dai, who helped him enhance his portraying skills. With all such achievements and a continuous hard work, Kamz owns 2 showrooms, 1 in Chandigarh and the other in Jalandhar.

Achievements have been many and since the hard work from age of 16 till today, Kamz established himself as a well-known established artist in India as well as at an international level. In spite of all fame and appreciation, he stills considers himself to be a learner and talking about his favourite Tattoo, considers the Shiva with a skull as one of his favourites. No matter what he says at any interview or convention, he never forgets to mention one name, the name of his friend Upakar, who introduced him to such art form. His humbleness and hard work is appreciable and is making not only Jalandhar but the whole of Punjab and India feel proud of him. He is one such model for artists out there who lack the motivation to grow. A name which will keep growing to support not just oneself but also others.