Bearing a long glowing heritage, aesthetic makeup products have been leading the cosmetic industry since the olden days. Indian cosmetic industry has noticed a surge and is predicting it to be the largest cosmetic consuming country in the next few decades.

To emerge in the cosmetic industry and survive in the cut-throat competition, something unique is a must in the products or marketing techniques. Being unique is the only way to stand up in the widespread cosmetic industry. It only takes genuineness of the products that resolve the concerns of customers to build up a real clientele.

Honey n Beaute by Umaira Habib is one such revolutionary homepreneur venture which within a short span is winning the market with its natural products.

Umaira Habib, a working woman, mother to two children is the founder of Honey n Beaute operating since March 2019. The main reason behind introducing Umaira Habib as a mother of two children is to reflect the real efforts behind the success of Honey n Beaute. Umaira Habib with her venture Honey n Beaute has faced various barriers faced by a middle-class person, with language barriers along with responsibilities of family and social media trolls.

Honey n Beaute is a homegrown venture which is offering a wide range of products including shampoos, soaps and other products to solve the beauty concerns of its customers. In no time, many of the products of Honey n Beaute have gained a name in the beauty industry like its potent hair oil filled with herbal ingredients, the Henna body lotion for tan removal, 24k gold serum with 25 herbs and essential oils and much more.

With a huge base of 25,000 real customers and bumper sale of 1.8 lakh bottles of gold serum, Honey n Beaute is way ahead of such notable work in the near future. With the victory of Honey n Beaute, Umaira Habib was awarded Best Young Entrepreneur of the year 2020. Umaira Habib’s Honey n Beaute is a clear picture of her goal to help people get benefits of real cosmetic products and create awareness regarding the fake products available in the market.