Anyone would be surprised to see Gaurav Fulara’s success in the share market. He is just a young graduate with a passion to make it big in the hyperactive stock exchange, making huge profits and a big name in this field.

He discusses how this is the right time to venture into the stock market, and the importance of the right guidance, and how he has an advantage over many others who are foraying into the stock market.

How did the idea of making a career in the share market come to your mind?

Well, I suppose every one of us has an inclination and passion towards some professional line. Like people want to become Engineers, Doctors, Fashion Designers, etc, the field of stock market attracted me since I was in senior grades in school.

Did you have any prior experience in the stock market before joining Incomet?

No, I didn’t have any beforehand experience in trading and investment, or financial markets before I came to know about Incomet. I had a deep interest in the field and was looking for a good source and proper guidance before entering into a high-risk career.

How did you come to know about Incomet?

I was searching the internet and scrolling through social media platforms to find a proper podium from where I can get good knowledge, that’s where I came to know about Incomet which is one of the biggest communities of traders, investors, and entrepreneurs in India providing most up-to-date knowledge about this field.

When did you join Incomet?

I joined Incomet in June 2020.

Keeping in view the present scenario of Pandemic, is this the right time to enter into the stock market for youngsters like you?

Absolutely! Now is the best time to enter this field. When the culture of working from home is growing worldwide including our country, Share Market is the best place to learn and earn, but one definitely needs the right skills and guidance in this field.

How beneficial has Incomet proved to you in this direction?

Incomet has been an incredibly helpful and efficient platform as far as training and most updated knowledge is concerned. They have one of the most skilled teams of experts who provide the best assistance possible. Their modules are most dynamic and provide all-round and in-depth knowledge in this field.

What is your overall review of Incomet?

I think choosing Incomet was the right decision at the right time. I gained lots of knowledge throughout every training session. Their modules provide knowledge from very basic to most advanced level in a very systematic manner.

Kudos to the team that is behind creating such knowledgeable course material. Their mentors are always available to help you at every step. This is the best platform for anyone who wants to gain knowledge about the share market from scratch.