Meddling with fitness has become one of the most important aspects to keep up with the current advanced lifestyle. While the lockdown and pandemic have thrown everything haywire in full swing, it is better to be grateful for what you have and push to have a healthy life for sustainable living.

Dr Rita Jairath, the pro-card winner from the International Federation of Bodybuilding, shares a few bodybuilding tips with us.

Optimize the Potential with Breathing Exercises

Maximizing the potential of your lungs does not need any equipment or space. When the sun rises in the sky every morning, you can breathe the fresh air early morning with some pranayama and yoga exercises to move towards a positive and fitter life. Increasing air pollution can have adverse effects on the lungs. Thus, you need to have the maximum pulmonary capacity to bring in as much oxygen as possible to the rest of the body.

Build Cardiovascular Strength

Keeping the agility and strength in the body makes us feel more energetic and happier. Gaining muscle and losing unwanted fat certainly helps to remain disease-free. It will further assist in keeping diabetes, heart diseases, and hypertension at bay. It is not about being lean, thin, or slim; it is all about renewing the body with energy and zest.

Eat Healthy

Indeed, to stay healthy, you need to eat healthily. Just skipping the meals while eating unhealthy food the rest of the time would not help you in any way. Having raw foods is boring and bland. Nevertheless, you can have its natural taste by adding another set of ingredients, which, by no means, could deter the body functions. Avoid too much sugary, spicy or oily food. Adjusting to a specific cuisine may take time but relish the beauty of food that can build the body positively.

Train the Glutes

Having strong glutes prevents injuries, reduces pain, and increases better posture of the body. With improved body sculpting, you get to train your muscles to have proper blood flow, and with overall fitness, you can have athletic performance.

Get Trained Online

Physical fitness involves creative and dynamic intellectual activity. You can get a cost-effective yet flexible approach to training with online tutorials. There are several apps and fitness programs online that can help you achieve the desired outcome. You can choose the most comfortable workout style to suit your routine.

Likewise, the apps guide you with real-time tracking. So, you get the liberty to check your progress time-to-time and confirm if the adapted style is the technique to continue with. There are custom-written programs where you have one-on-one training with a personal instructor. They can support you with diet intake too.


Disordered Eating, Amenorrhea, and Osteoporosis are the most common conditions of the body. These have to be tackled at the right age to prevent them from affecting our future. With a proactive approach, you can boost self-esteem and exercise at higher strata. Over-exercising, low intake, or weight loss stress can cause a lot of trouble. Nevertheless, you need to seek preventive medications at the right time and build your body while making society understand the need for exercise.