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Entrepreneur Rituraj Pramanik is spreading wings globally

Along with this he also writes songs. He has released many songs and considered as a musician as well.

Brand Post | New Delhi |

Rituraj Pramanik, also known as the “Youngest Digital Marketer” is achieving immense success at a very young age. He is a digital marketer, entrepreneur, blogger, pharmacist and a talented singer as well.

At his age while many are busy continuing their jobs or wasting their time finding a job, Rituraj created something which can provide others with a job. Rituraj’s concept is of accomplishing something novel so that he can bear the outing of the group. He started his HealthAndHealthier to create awareness among people about how their health is affected in this fast-paced lifestyle. Along with this, he has mastered the art of SEO, advertising, Web development, site improvement and so on. His HealthAndHealthier is taking the health market by a storm and is currently partnered up with 78 Indian brands. Slowly, Rituraj is moving towards the international market.

His work and endeavours were valued and by then, he was additionally highlighted on numerous sites. He used to buckle down day and night, basically to end up being a specialist in his subject. This youthful Digital entrepreneurship started getting regard from some notable characters as he satisfied them through his marketing skills. He has been given the Digital promoting testament from Google and Microsoft which turned into his first achievement.

Along with this he also writes songs. He has released many songs and considered as a musician as well.

His digital marketing team is still unknown and is a matter of suspense to many. The coordination of the team is amazing as they help brands grow and understand how to grow in this digital world. Later on, also, they’re good to go to work with various renowned music label companies and verified users all across the world.

Following his success there, he decided to start influencer marketing because he had connections with various well-known influencers, creators, and celebrities. As a result, he launched a new influencer advertising company. He manages over 100 certified Instagram influencers and works with over 300 producers. Rituraj pramanik is regarded as one of the world’s fastest-growing digital entrepreneurs, having expanded his firm globally in a relatively short period of time.