While the whole world is fighting with Corona pandemic, people are realizing more and more the importance of humanity and helping each other. We have witnessed many COVID warriors in these tough times in various forms.

There is someone who has always been there helping people even before the Corona. He is the MD and CEO of Morya Multispecialty Hospital. A true businessman and producer who is always true to his roots and values.

Ajitsinh Patil is a versatile multitasker who has mastered various fields with excellence. As mentioned above, he is a businessman and producer. He also has his own production house called Dr Ajitsinh Patil Films and Entertainment. He is not only a successful entrepreneur but he has always been a helping hand for the ones in need.

As Dr Ajitsinh Patil is active in various sectors he looks at more opportunities for serving and helping people. During the Corona pandemic doctors have worked none the less than God. They have saved many lives and still working like anything. In these times also Dr Ajitsinh Patil has been working round the clock to serve people in any way possible.

He has always believed in humanity in more than anything. It takes countless efforts to help people in several ways but Dr Ajitsinh has always been there for them, no matter what.

Dr Ajitsinh Patil has been equally active in the entertainment field as well. As producer his few projects are soon to be announced. As he has always been a people’s person, he is very excited about these new projects and wants to share them with the audience as soon as possible. It will be revealed soon.