Devanchey Bell is the living attestation of the American dream. He embodies everything it means to be successful in today’s day and age. This did not come easily. It came at the cost of long days and sleepless nights. Although before he started on the journey to create Goodsinners, Devanchey Bell had another set of circumstances to tackle. Born on September 3rd 1994, he grew up in a West Side neighbourhood in Chicago where violence was a norm. Guns and gangs were so rampant that it was too easy for a young boy like Devanchey to mix up with the wrong kind of crowd. Thanks to his family and their great upbringing, he managed to stay out of the wrongdoings of this neighbourhood.

Devanchey always dreamt of getting “out” of the neighbourhood in hopes of a better life for himself and his family. At the time, basketball seemed like the only way out. He had always been good at the sport and played for four years at the university. Eventually, he received a scholarship to play at Monmouth University. Unfortunately, after it ended, he decided to stop playing basketball all together because it wasn’t exactly taking him down the kind of path he wanted to be on. Fortunately, though, this decision is what ultimately led to the birth of Goodsinners.

Love for fashion, a creative vein, and a business mind were the factors that guided Devanchey towards this journey of starting a successful clothing brand. As a teenager, he would regularly go to the neighbourhood tailor to get something fixed or altered. He would get pockets and zippers added to his clothes to make them more appealing. So the creative spark and a sense of good clothes were always there but he was too busy at the time to do anything about it. Most of his time then was dedicated to basketball. After he stopped playing though, he got back to fashion, and how! Externally, all he had at his disposal were a good tailor, his iPhone camera, and social media. He began with these simplest of the tools to create something new and fresh.

It all started with heat pressing his logo on white t-shirts with the help of his old high school friend. It was an extremely low scale at the time and he’d sell three maybe four t-shirts a month. Devanchey started understanding the demand better and created more designs and involved more small manufacturers. For marketing, he relied on the word of mouth from his friends who wore his clothes. After some time though he decided to go bigger. Devanchey started a social media page with barely 30 followers at first and used it heavily to market his products. With enough hard work and his creative genius, the page got bigger and the brand became more popular. Today, the page has 100,000 followers and is growing every day. It is truly remarkable how these simple tools, that are available to a whole lot of us today, can create something from literally nothing.

Four years, thousands of followers, celebrity partners, and an ever-growing collection later, Goodsinners is now synonymous with the words “a perfect high-end street brand”. The best part is that it was started by someone who actually grew up on the streets and understood its fashion.