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Celebrity stylist Sandeep aka Sandy Artist tells how to put makeup during monsoon season

With the heavy showers in the season, there will be rising humidity.

Advertorial | New Delhi |

If you thought dealing with skincare and haircare routine will be normal after the summer season, you must rethink. After protecting the skin from the scorching sun, now is the time to take care of your skin amidst the rainy season. Monsoons are almost round the corner in India and one cannot always escape the heavy downpours. With the heavy showers in the season, there will be rising humidity. Monsoons are a seasonal reality and they might affect skin and hair if proper care is not taken.

To brighten up the rainy season, leading makeup artist and hairstylist Sandeep Molugu tells us how to ace the skincare game during monsoons. Popularly known by the name Sandy Artist, he has been serving the clients for more than a decade now. The MUA is widely looked upon by many celebrities and is one of the most sought after names in the tinsel town. Sharing some beauty hacks for the rainy season, Sandy Artist reveals that powder foundations should be used for makeup and not liquid foundations. “The reason is pretty simple. Liquid foundations won’t last for long due to the ever-growing humidity during the season,” says Sandy.

During this time, Sandy Artist suggests that waterproof makeup is the key essential every woman must have in their wardrobe. According to the stylist, in a city like Mumbai or any other coastal region where there is a heavy downpour, it is important to have water-resistant products. For eye makeup, waterproof mascara will do wonders, and for lips, matte lipstick is an ideal choice during monsoons, as suggested by the celebrity stylist.

Furthermore, Sandy Artist emphasizes the mantra ‘less is more, especially during the rainy season’. “The more makeup or layers you put on your skin, the more difficult it will be to fix it if it gets wet in the rain. I would suggest everyone go for minimal makeup during this season,” added Sandy. Based in Hyderabad, Sandy Artist is widely considered for different types of makeovers. However, bridal makeup remains a favourite choice of the MUA.

As far as his work is concerned, Sandy Artist has given many distinctive makeovers in his career so far. As a stylist, he loves to experiment with different looks. The MUA had earlier even revealed that he likes to create beauty and makeup trends, instead of following them. Sharing some of the basic and the most useful skincare hacks during the monsoon season, Sandy Artist urges all beauty enthusiasts to follow a thumb rule to keep the look simple and subtle.

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