In a country of poor people with rich hearts, Bhupendra Singh Rathore is a ray of change for society. Well, to begin with, his journey so far has been a true reflection of his thoughts and tireless efforts. A proud portfolio for his identity, his achievements are not only centric to his success.

By working for the development of the society and betterment of the economic status of its people, his success is for all. In simple terms, he is a lantern of hope for the financially deprived sections.

Bhupendra Síngh Raathore’s (BSR) philosophies are a path to betterment for the country. His notions and claims are quite effective and have to date been able to prove themselves worthy. By propagating the philosophy of “Thinking Rich”, he has transformed the way people look at their wealth.

Based upon the theory of emphasizing financial education rather than financial stability, he has dealt with over 1000 persons regarding the same. His power to connect and communicate is a skill that not every individual with superior thoughts possesses. BSR has been triggering the urge to become financially educated and knowledgeable.

His focus is more towards an individual becoming financially educated rather than becoming financially stable. “In a world where the money is a temporary luxury, one must become educated in terms of finance, alert in terms of its expenditure, and aspiring in terms of its manifold growth,” says Bhupendra Singh Rathore on being asked to elaborate his theory in his own words.

It is a blessing indeed for society to be able to get well-versed with his thoughts and ideas. It is this charisma and character that make him a motivational speaker too. Perhaps his mind is the road to an idea and his mouth is the key to impact. Together, the two become interrelated to give rise to his success.

Having come so far in the journey of presenting his ideas and perceptions, his work is well-known and well-received by all. Be it an economist or a policy-maker, his most famous “Thinking Rich” philosophy has won a million hearts and helped over 1000s. By educating people to control their money, strategize its expenditure, and look for opportunities to multiply it, Bhupendra Singh Rathore has been financially educating the masses.

Being a country of hard workers, India is unsurprisingly the land of such influential and impactful people. For the years gone by and the years to come, his vision rests with the idea of achieving a financially educated country where the poor and the rich never get fooled by the power of money. Lastly, it is his visionary leadership and organization that has won him much appreciation and applause from all over the world.