Beyond Four Classroom Walls: IKidz’s Super ERP App Elevates School Management Experience

In the aftermath of the pandemic’s impact, the return to a conventional school model has proven to be a challenging endeavor for both educators and students.

Beyond Four Classroom Walls: IKidz’s Super ERP App Elevates School Management Experience

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the educational landscape has undergone a significant transformation, extending beyond the confines of traditional classrooms and giving rise to a digitized educational ecosystem. Propelled by technological advancements, the edtech sector has created new pathways for online learning apps, digital classrooms, and technology-integrated curricula, ensuring that young learners attain a comprehensive educational experience.

In the aftermath of the pandemic’s impact, the return to a conventional school model has proven to be a challenging endeavor for both educators and students. This challenge is exacerbated by the substantial volumes of data that have made the teaching process more unpredictable. In conjunction with the unresponsive nature of the educational management architecture, IKidz, India’s pioneering tech-enabled preschool, has introduced a cutting-edge ERP app. This app delivers a comprehensive learning management system, promising an exceptional educational experience.

“Every year educational institutions accumulate chunks of data associated with the admission process, student progress, examination results, and attendance records which penetrate deep into diverse facets. Beyond data accumulation, learning havens are forced to bear the onus of storage, leading us to revolutionise management systems with the augment of our holistic ERP application, allowing educators to prioritise comprehensive learning experiences.”, said Dhruv Ahuja, CEO and Founder of IKidz.


Differentiating Catalyst
To position itself as the ultimate solution for all educational and managerial requirements within the ed-tech sector, the IKidz Super ERP app goes beyond conventional management systems. It integrates innovative features that are instrumental in addressing the evolving needs of the education sector. Prioritizing safety, efficiency, and communication, the ERP app establishes a comprehensive platform that elevates the overall educational experience.

“As the Ed-tech sector continues to evolve and adapt, our ERP app stands as a demonstration of our commitment to excellence in school management,” he added.

Parent Specialized App Imbued with Transportation Tracking
Prioritizing parental involvement, the ERP solutions possess the ability for parents to track their child’s school transport in real-time. GPS technology enables accurate minute-to-minute tracking, ensuring parents are always informed about the whereabouts of their children and enhancing safety and security. Nearly 90% of parents expressed satisfaction in terms of feeling relieved and secure with the Super ERP app’s real-time tracking.

Smart Attendance via RFID
Enhanced by RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) technology, the comprehensive ERP software enables attendance tracking, minimizing the likelihood of errors and enabling teachers to concentrate on teaching rather than administrative tasks. Moreover, ERP applications empower educators to prioritize teaching and dedicate time to understanding children’s growth, cognitive development, and academic progress.

The IKidz ERP app has garnered positive feedback, with 85% of preschool teachers expressing significant relief in attendance tracking, noting reduced errors and improved efficiency.

Online Fee Payment
The simplified payment process offered by ERP Solutions allows parents to conveniently pay school fees through a secure online platform. This feature alleviates the manual burden on the school, promotes transparency in financial transactions, and provides timely payment reminders, all while offering seamless access to payment records and invoices.

IKidz’s Super ERP app has played a pivotal role in establishing a seamless and accountable financial ecosystem, with both parents and school staff reporting a relief of around 95% in the payment process. They acknowledge the convenience, transparency, and efficiency introduced by the online fee payment system.

Push Notifications & Event Updates
Recognizing communication as crucial within the education industry, education ERP software excels in facilitating instant communication among teachers, students, and parents. The apps integrate a comprehensive event management system, offering regular updates on school activities, functions, and important dates. Users of the IKidz Super ERP app, including parents and teachers, have expressed a high satisfaction rate of 92% with the instant communication features. They feel more connected and informed about school activities, functions, and important dates.

Grade and Attendance
Push notifications for grades and attendance keep parents in the loop about their child’s academic progress in real-time. ERP applications with this particular feature promote a collaborative approach to education, fostering a stronger relationship between educators and parents. Almost 88% of parents expressed significant relief regarding the Super ERP app’s real-time notifications for grades and attendance, appreciating the collaborative approach to education facilitated by the app.

LIVE CCTV Streaming
Security is a top priority, and ERP apps integrate live CCTV streaming for enhanced surveillance. By providing parents access to the live feed, ERPs add an extra layer of transparency and reassurance. With the safety of children in mind, this feature also equips school administrators with the tools needed to monitor and address any concerns promptly. Users of the IKidz ERP app, including parents and school staff, reported a relief percentage of 94%, expressing increased confidence in the enhanced security provided by the live CCTV streaming.

Ed-Tech Revolution: What’s Next?
In the digitized age, the educational sector cannot remain an exception to the possibilities of the technological world. Elevating the educational realm to unexplored horizons, especially in the space of refined education and management quotient, IKidz’s Super ERP app has revolutionized this segment from its core. Delivering an unparalleled learning experience, committed to spreading the ethos of creative, innovative, and immersive education.