Ayyappan Sreekumar explains how Covid-19 has shifted course of Digital Media Management Industry

He also made brief comments on various scenarios revolving around Digital Media Management Industry.

Ayyappan Sreekumar explains how Covid-19 has shifted course of Digital Media Management Industry

Ayyappan Sreekumar is a very successful person in the web-development field in India. Over the ongoing situation, he stated, “With the current pandemic edge of our world, I’m hopeful by the innovations and technological advancements that are being adopted at such a fast pace. On the other hand, from a realistic point of view, we also have to look at the changes, reactions, adaptations and effects on Media Management Industry. There is a looming economic recession in all Industries and all are striving to sustain the equilibrium.”

He also made brief comments on various scenarios revolving around Digital Media Management Industry:

Advertising Industry: Due to the current scenario, Major Publishers of Advertising Industry like Google, FB and their Ad network service such as Google AdSense, FB Instant Article are facing a sudden and steep downfall which in turn has negative effects on this Industry.


Media Management companies like B4 Creations use these platforms to work and deliver various web services to clients of diverse sectors all across the globe. The sectors which are drastically affected are booking and scheduling of Airline, Tourism, Hotels, Travels etc. and also Advertisements that use these websites as platforms to function.

Website Hosting And Domain Registrations: Hosting and Domain registration platforms have not been affected largely and are moving at a stable pace to some extent. Publishers who have purchased large plans are facing issues, for e.g.

Since there is no Ad- revenue generated in the current situation, these biggies are not in a state to afford larger plans and as a result, they switch over to more cost-effective ones.

Due to the current lockdowns, many companies are asking their employees to work from home so there is an increase in the number of new domain registrations and hosting.

Entertainment Industry: The prime focal point of B4creations is South Indian Movie Industry. They take over social media profiles, media contents of prominent superstars, directors and other celebrities. They also handle media pertaining to production houses for Blockbuster movies and related events.

At present, the Movie Industry has gone down as all the production and releases have come to a halt. Therefore, public viewership has turned towards binge-watching platforms like Hotstar, Amazon Prime and Netflix etc.

Theatre companies are facing a huge crisis due to the decisions for initial movie releases through digital platforms. Most likely after the pandemic ends, people would prefer watching movies on Digital Platforms in lieu of Theatrical Experience.

Best Will Survive: In pre-pandemic times, online shopping had set its steady growth towards “drop off and pick up” channels like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay etc. which in turn provided a working platform for E-media players like B4Creation’s Adblaze (Media Advertising Segment).

Now, this part of the industry is demonstrating a quick elevation of development and is looked upon as a highly potential zone. The power to search, compare and select the best option available grants the end-user with high confidence in purchasing. This will lead to a wider market with higher competition in price and quality as a result only the best will succeed.

Offline Business To Online: Earlier, the online business platform was a monopoly for renowned businesses and few brand owners who had a secure position in this niche market. Since Covid-19 era, it is noticeable that local shop owners come with keen interest to add an online platform along with their regular retail presence.

This is caused by the fear of losing their market share due to advantages which back the online Pioneers. Therefore, it is a positive outcome which has widened the horizon of Online Shopping in Local Retail Markets.

Ayyappan Sreekumar concluded, “We B4 group symbolize our dominant presence in various sectors of Digital Media Management Industry. We establish our roots through numerous divisions of Media fields like Media Advertising [Adblaze], Web development & Promotions [B4creations], Domains & Hosting etc. [B4hosting]. Thus we are able to comment on the few effects of Covid-19 in terms of prevailing changes happening to our Industry.”