Adil Qadri has scored big with its herbal product category on e-commerce platform

Adil Qadri

Adil Qadri, the renowned e-commerce brand selling Islamic faith specific products on its website, is known for the wide range of products it offers to its steadfast customers. Be it luxury attar perfume, designer Islamic caps, Barkati topi, Islamic faith specific symbols, you name it –they have it.

One of its very popular categories of products is the herbal product category.

There are innumerous herbal products and medicines available in Islamic faith which are used to cure from a normal cough and cold to more complicated health issues like heart-ailment, hypertension etc. These herbs have a proven track record of curing the ailments they are associated with or prescribed for.


One very famous natural product known for its medicinal property is seed Ajwa dates. The seed is extremely useful in stopping and curing heart ailments. Adil Qadri has made it available in powdered form on its e-com website. Founder of Adil Qadri, Mohamad Adil Asif Malkani, says, “We are supporting use of natural herbs and medication for simple to more complex medical issues. Long established Islamic traditions and Quran contains long list of these products with medicinal properties.”

Another magical natural herb that is available with Adil Qadri website is Black Cumin Seed. Black cumin seed is also known as kalonji which is used in cold, cough and fever due to its warm tendency. It is kept in a cloth and its aroma is inhaled. The product is found to be beneficial with people having a cough and cold.

According to Malkani, “Use of natural products as medicines is long established in India before allopathy came into existence. They are tried and tested for generations.”

The e-commerce platform which is known for selling Islamic faith specific products is already famous for its other products like Islamic caps, Islamic symbols and Perfumes. The new addition of herbal product is definitely an exciting addition to their wide range of products.