Abdullah Almanna provides glimpses of world with his new book

Abdullah Almanna

Abdullah Almanna, an entrepreneur, accountant and an avid traveller, firmly believes that the world is a book and those who do not travel only read a page.  Almanna, who has travelled to numerous destinations in more than 30 countries in a span of 17 years, wants to keep adding new pages to his travel diaries frequently.

Turning his travel experiences into a beautiful book ‘The Offbeat Voyager: A Guide to the world’s best travel destinations’ he not only wants people to know the world through a traveller’s eye but inspire them to travel more, go the places they have never been to add experiences of life that are worthwhile.

The book sums up his experiences of visits to the world’s best cities, islands, monuments, from hi-tech cities to unexplored destinations. For the convenience of readers, the book has been divided into different segments continent-wise so that one can get the information about where to go, how to go and the attractions of that place in the easiest possible way. He insists that these are his personal experiences and you must create your own new experiences too to share with the world. This travel guide includes details on places like Tokyo, London, Amsterdam, New York, Chile, Argentina, Kilimanjaro and many more.


The book is immensely useful for those who want to have the know-how of new places before actually being there so that they can enjoy themselves to the maximum instead of being confused and lost after reaching the new place. Moreover, it will help in saving time if you reach unplanned and unprepared. Even for the people who are not planning to travel in the near future the book is like a virtual tour to these beautiful places.

Abdullah Almanna says that travelling to a new place is a lifetime experience which helps you to widen your horizons, changes your perspective towards many things, keeps you energized and helps in creating new and strong bonding with not only your own people but many others you meet during your journeys.

This travel insight from an experienced traveller is surely a must for all those who are planning to travel and for those as well who want to enjoy virtual tours.

The book is available on one of the leading e-commerce portals and various book stores.