Sociopool India is an influencer marketing company which has a vast network of influencers in the country. They advertise, promote and build the brand value of different labels which makes them stand out from others in the industry. With expertise in Social Media Management and with a reach of 500 million people over different platforms, Sociopool is an exclusive stop for brands to reach the masses.

Sociopool was a thought which took birth in the mind of its founder Aashish Bhardwaj who realized the need for different companies to reach their audiences with one click.

Aashish Bhardwaj is a true leader and believes in transforming dreams into reality. With an experience of 7 years in different sectors of corporate and business development, he began with another startup but couldn’t get the right resources to promote it and reach the masses. He figured out that this has been an issue of concern for the brands and took the responsibility of erasing the distance between the labels/brands and audiences by curating the idea of Influencer Marketing. He is an enthusiast who believes in being a learner throughout.

Sociopool was established half-a-decade ago with an aim to bring about a revolution in the world of influencer marketing and being a one-click stop for the online generation world. It uses online platforms smartly to engage socially active audiences and creating awareness about different brands, campaigns, products, music, and movies. As the name suggests, ‘Sociopool” is a “pool of social media platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and other platforms as well.

Sociopool fully understands the paradigm shift and constantly engages in effective ways of using social media. They believe in long term sustainable growth of both the clients and their influencers. Their vision states: Dream, Believe, Achieve, you dream and believe it to happen and we achieve it for you.

Sociopool realizes the importance of the tech-savvy world and tries to bring everything with one click. The company has spread its wings in the sector and believes in being among the top in the industry. Having hundreds of renowned YouTubers like Baklol Videos, Half Engineer, Hungama Films and many more in their bucket, they aim to expand in the sector of Bollywood too.

Sociopool is an excellent platform for young and aspiring YouTubers who want to turn their dreams into reality. It provides a perfect stage for anyone to reach the audiences. Being expertise with on-hand experience in the field they have been working with 200+ exclusive influencers, channels, production houses, singers, celebrities, animators, movie promotions and much more.