What’s inside India’s new Parliament House? A Virtual tour of the building

Animated visuals of new parliament of India from inside (Photo:ANI)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate India’s new Parliament building on Sunday, three years after he laid the foundation of it.
The building, with state-of-the-art amenities, is part of the Central Vista Redevelopment Project, which is being carried out by the Union Ministry of Urban Housing and Development.

What’s inside the building?

The parliament building is triangular-shaped and has a built-up area of 64,500 sqm. It has four storeys and three main entrances- Gyan Dwar, Shakti Dwar, and Karma Dwar.


The Lok Sabha House boasts peacock-themed furnishings with a seating capacity of 888.

The Rajya Sabha House, on the other hand, has a lotus theme and 384 seats.

The New Parliament Building
The New Parliament Building (Subrata Dutta)

Apart from the two Houses, the building also has a Constitutional Hall with ultra-modern office spaces.
The huge Committee rooms are equipped with cutting-edge technology, including the best audio-visual systems.

The building also has a revamped Sansad Bhawan and library with archived materials that have been flown from different parts of the country.

There is also a massive canteen and a media space.
The entire building is accessible to those with special needs.