In a shameful incident showcasing how complainants are treated by the cops, a girl who reportedly approached a police station in Uttar Pradesh with a molestation complaint was allegedly humiliated by a constable.

In a video, that has been tweeted by Congress General Secretary for Uttar Pradesh East Priyanka Gandhi, a policeman at Nazirabad police station in Kanpur was seen interrogating the girl.

He questions why she was wearing rings, bangles and other ornaments, adding that such things show “what you are”.

“Why are you wearing a ring? Why are you wearing a ring and this necklace? Itne item kisliye daale ho (Why wear so many ‘items’? You don’t study. So much jewellery, why are you wearing it? What’s the use of these? This just shows what you really are…,” the constable is seen saying.

Sharing the clip on her Twitter handle, Priyanka Gandhi lashed out the Yogi Adityanath-led Uttar Pradesh government over such shocking behaviour of cops.

“On one hand, crimes against women are increasing day by day in UP, while on the other, the policemen, who are meant to protect the law behave in such manner,” she said in a tweet in Hindi.

He further said that it was necessary to hear the women out to give them justice.

The policeman seen in the purported video has been reportedly removed.

Meanwhile, according to a report in NDTV, the police registered an FIR only after the video of the interaction at the police station went viral in Kanpur.

The incident comes on a day when the Supreme Court directed the Centre to fund and set-up special POCSO courts in every district where 100 or more cases under the POCSO Act are pending. It further ordered that the special courts must start functioning within 60 days. The court also asked the Central Government to file the progress report in four weeks time.