Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said that the country is heading towards a path where everyone gets the benefits of development without any bias.

“We are heading to a path where no one is left behind because of religion and everyone is able to fulfill their dreams,” PM said.

Prime Minister was addressing the centenary celebrations of the Aligarh Muslim University.

“Whatever religion we are born in, it is important to see how to blend our aspirations with national goals. There can be ideological divides in society but when it comes to the nation’s development, everything else is secondary. When it comes to the nation, there is no question of ideological differences,” PM said.

“It is logical for me to say this here because AMU produced many freedom fighters – they had their ideological differences but they set that aside for freedom. Like freedom united them, we have to work on common ground for ‘Naya Bharat’,” he added.

“As a center of excellent Islamic Research, it’s also the responsibility of AMU to spread the core values and ethos of India to the world,” PM Modi said.

“Today, people from AMU have trained in hundreds of countries of the world, along with the best places in India. The educated people of AMU represent the culture of India, anywhere in the world,” he added.

Praising the varsity for the support it had extended at the time of fight with coronavirus crisis, PM said, “The way AMU helped society during the Corona crisis is unprecedented. Getting people tested free, creating isolation wards, building plasma banks and contributing a large amount to the PM Care Fund shows the seriousness of fulfilling your obligations towards society.”