In a positive development for Indian workers in Kuwait, the Kuwaiti Public Authority for Manpower formed a team to address the grievances of the workers.

The team, which was formed on Sunday, will address the concerns of the Indian workers related to payment of salaries and employment in the West Asian country.

The announcement comes days after Minister of State for External Affairs VK Singh met with aggrieved Indian workers and assured them of all possible help.

Indian workers in Kuwait have been facing issues related to their employment with companies in the Gulf nation. Many workers have not yet been paid salaries which are long overdue.

Singh was in Kuwait to discuss the issue of the migrant Indian workers with the authorities. Many of the workers have been charged with fines because their work permits have expired and the company they work for has refused to renew the same.

In his meeting with authorities, Singh had requested that the workers be allowed to leave the country without paying the fine since it was not their fault that their residence permit expired.

The eight-member team formed by the Kuwaiti Public Authority for Manpower will look into the grievances of the workers. Kuwait has assured that no effort will be spared for the protection of the interests of the workers.