Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu on Wednesday asked all Centre and state information commissions to “speed up” the disposal of pending cases.

Addressing the 12th Annual Convention of Central Information Commission marking the 12th Anniversary of enactment of Right to Information Act, Naidu said central and state information commissions were a bridge between public authorities and the citizens.

“I would encourage all Commissions to make a concerted, sincere effort towards speeding up disposal of cases registered with them,” Naidu said.

“An early disposal by Information Commissions will help citizens get their grievances redressed quickly,” he added.

Stressing that that “transparency and accountability” along with “sharing of information” were vital for effective governance, Naidu said fruits of governance must reach every citizen.

“Sharing of information and creation of a transparent governance structure accountable to people of our country are key pillars of democracy… fruits of governance should reach everyone,” Naidu said.

“Enhanced access to credible information makes our democracy more progressive, participatory and meaningful,” he added.

Speaking about Right to Information, Naidu said the RTI enables greater government accountability, facilitates citizens’ participation and lends transparency to government functioning.